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  • JTC

    The little commie mensch preaches entitlement, but I don’t think he means what Skye thinks he means…or maybe he does, either way it means oblivion.

    Nice T&A, but how does she make it seem so dirty and ugly?

    • TheOldMan

      Tats & attitude?

  • xdcpd085

    Wait till Mama-San finds out how she’s been treating the staff to their very own private reality show:


    • KenH

      Not just THAT
      LOOK where the goddamned phone is!
      Grab by ass and hair and throw through a plate glass window

  • interventor

    Mensch, it does not mean what you think it means. Stupid evil can come so nicely wrapped.

    • JTC

      This is what we call “ironic humor”.

      Stupid in pretty wrapper…like Skye.

      Evil disguised as mensch…like Bern.


    • Old Codger

      Agreed on calling the Bern a mensch. The last thing Sanders is is a mensch. I would not go so far as to call him an “unmensch” (meaning: an utterly unlikeable or unfriendly person) but he is definitely not a mensch. I can see no evidence of anything remotely resembling integrity or honor (even though Senators are announced as “the Honorable So-and-so) in him. I definitely do not see him as someone to admire and/or emulate.

      • JTC

        Great grasp on the obvious today, OC…not sure what you think you are correcting i.e. the anti-mensch and aoki? I love ironic humor, especially when it blows up in the face of dims, progs, and commies, but I know my references are sometimes a bit obscure, gotta pay attention and read between the lines a bit, and if you still don’t get it that’s fine, but rest assured that I know the meaning of words like mensch, aoki, and obtuse.

      • David Gonzalez


        During WWII, in certain locales of Poland, the Children of Israel had a term reserved for those among them who collaborated with their oppressors (read: “murderers”). That sobriquet, I believe, was “KAPO”. Here in the USA, American cowpokes referred to belled creatures who would led herds of cattle into the holding pens of slaughterhouses as “Judas goats”. It occurs to me that either term (but, especially, KAPO) could be applied to Bernard Sanders—but I have been known to judge harshly, in some cases.

  • KenH

    Still not dead yet I see
    Too bad

    JTC: She’s a SKANK
    Tramp stamped

  • B Woodman

    Aaahhhhh . . . . .. yes. Once again, the Skye we’ve all come to know and loath.

  • JTC

    Chinese “chop-chop!” to a Japanese servant.

    Is the bitch that stupid or that crude and cruel?

    Irregardless, good way to wake up dead.

    • GWB

      Is the bitch that stupid or that crude and cruel?


  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    @JTC… She’s a libtard, so yeah…she needs to face it, no amount of tan is gonna cover dat case of Skank… I’m given to understand least Joe Biden is in the habit of runnin’ around the pool at his residence on the Naval Observatory grounds, female agents on his detail or not. Secret Service code when this goes on is “Cobra, Cobra!”.

    • Pamela

      Bare beamed and buck nekkid showing his lack of common sense, respect to anyone else, minimal assets both mental and physical.

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    ^^ nekkid^^

  • Bill G

    And who knows how many of his fans will end up Berned out? Or they’ll be like Skye and never approach reality.

  • southpaw

    Boobs and politics: its like ice cream and chocolate syrup.

    • JSStryker

      More like ice cream and motor oil.

  • JKrob

    Nude sunbathing & tan lines – hmmm, first chance in a while to be…”free”?

    • Grape

      Free? Ain’t no free lunch. There is a price to pay.

  • MasterDiver

    Skye hasn’t changed, the lesson of her exile from the DD was wasted. She is still the same spoiled, entitlement-minded brat bitch she’s always been. When mama-san’s wrath finally comes down, she’s gonna get a VERY hard lesson in reality! A tour in the rice paddies maybe? Or, since she likes to swim and sunbathe naked, how about a few seasons diving for oysters with the Ama?

    • JSStryker

      This is the way she treated Don Portago’s staff in Argentina until they made her part of the staff, then she ran to the Double D.

  • Notice how selfish Skye is? No doubt the servants are taking care of her child.

    • JTC

      Let the little commie call the shots and that’ll change quick.

      As I alluded above, her idea of entitlement is she keeps on sunning by the pool and yelling at Aiko. His is taking her shit and handing it to Aiko.

      I’d say then Aiko would do the yelling and Skye would do servience, but they’d prob’ly take one look and listen at her and just kill her. She and a shit-ton of berners just like her cannot be re-educated. What will they think of their little mensch then?

      • Old Codger

        JTC, FYI, Aiko is a girl’s name. Any Japanese given name ending in “ko” is a girl’s name. Notice both of Zed and Sam’s girls’ names end in “ko”. The “ko” ending literally means “child of”. I named my adopted daughter (ethnic Japanese and born in Tokyo but still a U.S. citizen by birth) Aiko. Her name means “child of love”.

        • Swansonic

          Beautiful, in all the right ways…

    • interventor

      Better than their mother skank.

  • Pamela

    Time to snatch her bald headed and boot her to the curb

    • Delilah T

      Naw, Skye can’t swim. Throw her into the pool and when she hollers for a lifesaver, throw her the candy version.

      • Pamela

        *chuckling* all the colors of the rainbow wouldn’t save her

  • B Woodman

    “Chop, chop, Aiko.”

    Which part of Skye should Aiko chop chop off first?

    • Delilah T

      Aiko should say what I said to someone a long time ago when she wanted me to get her a cup of coffee so that she wouldn’t have to leave her chair.

      To wit: Does my face look b—-k to you? Who was your bloody slave last year? You want that phone answered? Answer it yourself, you lazy bitch!

  • The only good thing about that skank is that it demonstrates how well Chris can draw the feminine figure. You know that whole “skin deep, or to the bone” thing.

  • Swansonic

    Sometimes you wonder how some of your family members get the way they get. Mostly I care for and worry about the family I cherish.

    And, as I recuperate from foot surgery this weekend, I think about and send my love and prayers to all of the people in my life – to the vets who have passed on, to all who remain and to all of my friends all over.

    Have a special Memorial Day – why wait for tomorrow – with good times, good health and healing for all.


  • capn

    I’ll vote for that Swansonic.

    I’ll be participating in the formal honors and 21 gun salute tomorrow.
    I hope your recovery is fast and complete.

  • WayneM

    I’m pleasantly surprised by how many of the Dems are started to realize just how unelectable the Hildebeast truly is and are feeling the Bern…

    Oh, Skye… all the same genes but none of the common sense…

    • Delilah T

      And do you have any idea how many dems are moving away from any part of the dumbocrap party?


  • Delilah T

    Parasites eat their hosts from the inside out. How long did it take Robespierre to find his way to the guillotine? I used to worm the horses in the spring and again in the fall. If I’d turned them loose, into the wild, they’d still have been fine. They were able to take care of themselves without me.

    I say we round up all the little parasites sucking off the taxpayers (us) entrails and find a reasonably deep cesspit for them. Then cover it and throw corn through a convenient hole, and leave it there until the weeping and wailing stop.

    I’m getting meaner and meaner as time goes bay. Sorry, CM! I try to be a positive person, but watching the Bernout suck up to his scab followers is like watching a case webbing moth caterpillar eat one of my sweaters.

    • JTC

      Agreement on the parasitic nature of dims and commies, and hard to fault you for feeling the mean, but scabs are workers who work during a union strike, pretty much the opposite of the “worker” party types that bern sucks up to.

      • Pamela

        Easiest way to stop the parasites is make the age of consent 21 for both parties. One Baby rule only on Uncle Sugar’s teat. Automatic birth control after . Anything after that too bad so sad. You want an abortion, you pay for it. Automatic birth control after. Second abortion, automatic tubes tied. Too stupid to take care of business, too stupid to be a Mom.
        Named as a father by DNA test with more than two single females, snip snip. So sad too bad should have worn a coat or kept it zipped.

        Pretty soon, no more sucking at the teat.

      • Delilah T

        Sorry, I meant ‘scab’ in the sense of something that covers a putrid, festering sore.

        I should have been more clear on that. My bad.

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