Day By Day


  • JackDeth 72

    In the immortal words of “Murphy”, “Sgt. Mike” and “Rice Paddy Daddy”:

    “If you think your attack is being successful… You’re walking into An Ambush!”

    Just something for the Anti~Trump Media to contemplate.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    (/snerk) We can only wish that the LSM’s battleships would hurry up and sink. SINK, BATTLESHIPS, SINK!!

    • Pamela

      But they would pollute the oceans and cause all the life under the waves to wither and die.

      • Kafiroon

        The main presstitute organizations are busy polluting the atmosphere and already causing our population to wither and encouraging our enemies to help us die.

    • Tom Z.

      They think that their battleship is unsinkable. Just like the Bismark.

      • PaulS

        And the Titanic.

        • MasterDiver

          And the Yamato and the Musashi

          Zar Belk!

  • JTC

    “It’s not a game, Sam.”

    Oh but it is, Skye.

    And it seems the artist of the deal is also a master of the game.

    And he’s playing it -and them- for keeps.

    Dangerous, but thrilling to watch and experience.

  • WayneM

    I wonder which of the MSM will sink first? CNN?

    • Henry

      TIME magazine is even now being bought by a Koch brothers organization…

      • Interventor

        Koch bros are Never Trumpers.

        • pyrodice

          They sometimes tip Libertarian instead of Conservative. Somewhere between the Pauls, overall.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Suck looks more like an alien in that stretch of a movie Battleship.
    Like the movie, our President used old time American values, knowledge, ingenuity, force, and people to defeat the evil ‘aliens’ acting to destroy all that is good. I liked Brooklyn Decker in that one. It made up for the well done stretch of a plot. It did show off the Mighty Mo very well and put some of the old sailors who manned the USS Missouri in the movie. Watch out for those old guys. They know how to win. President Trump just keeps on winning. I am not tired of it. They win. They don’t play.
    I almost flunked kindergarten because I don’t play. 🙂

  • Alex J

    “Gentlemen, your mission this day is to:


    • Henry

      Yeah. Ha ha! I saw the local Fox affiliate last night announcing that Moore’s opponent was 10 points ahead. My first thought was that he surely would win, just like Hillary did.

  • Bill G

    Bismark or Hindenburg? They’re floating along, all proud and arrogant, not accepting that they’re ready to blow up at a spark of truth.

  • Paladin

    The media is pulling out all the stops in Alabama today. Tomorrow they will tell the truth about Moors accusers. The sad thing is the “Establishment GOP” is all on board against US.

    • Interventor

      Did my part in Bama.

  • eon

    It’s more like the Spanish Armada in 1588.

    The Spaniards’ method of naval warfare was board and storm, with masses of infantry (the MSM’s “journalists”).

    The English fought a stand-off battle, harrying the Armada with long-range cannon fire and sinking relatively few ships (Trump’s tweets and the work of online and other critics).

    The real damage was done by weather. The Armada largely fell victim to the worst weather in the English Channel and North Sea seen in fifty years, a “century storm” lasting nearly three months. (The public reaction to the MSM being caught lying over and over again.)

    They were forced by English control of the Channel, by then firmly established, to return to Spain via the Irish Sea, losing more ships to weather, lack of provisions, and even mutiny as they did. (The fallout from le affair Weinstein?)

    Of 130 ships that left Spain to invade England, only 60 returned, most of the other 70 falling victim to the weather and their own poor outfitting and planning, not English guns.

    I think this is the correct parallel in this case. Just IMHO.

    clear ether


    • NotYetInACamp

      Some shipwrecked sailors became Irish.

      • Interventor

        So called black Irish because of dark complexion and hair.

    • JJ cooper

      Brilliant use of History.

  • Arkelk

    Thanks for the information on the Spanish Armada. I didn’t know that, other than a plucky out-shipped English against a dominatingly large Spanish force.

  • markm

    The English had many advantages that partially made up for their lack of numbers: Their ships were built for heavy weather and could outsail the Spanish in nearly any weather. Although both English and Spanish theoretically used the same rank structure of gentleman-officers, promoted for family connections rather than knowledge of sailing, and petty officers who had come up through the ranks, most of the English captains and admirals had served on ships since before they were old enough to shave. Queen Elizabeth had imported Italian metal workers that gave the English bigger, though fewer, guns that punched much deeper into a hull.

    On the proving grounds, those bigger guns also had much longer range, but in the first few hours of combat, both sides discovered that accuracy was impossible when firing from a ship bobbing in the waves. Even some 200 years later, Admiral Nelson refused to mount gun sights, saying he hoped to always lay his ship alongside the enemy at point-blank range.

    By noon, several of the English ships were out of ammunition without inflicting any damage and heading back to port. (The standard load out was only 30 shots per gun). And that was their biggest advantage: they _could_ go back to port to get more powder and shot, and return in a few hours. The Spanish had doubled their ammo loadout to 60 rounds per gun, but in a gun battle rather than a boarding battle, that was still grossly inadequate. They had the numbers to win if they had been able to press to close range, with more ships continually coming up from the rear to replace those that were hulled, disabled, and/or out of ammo, while not giving the English ships the chance to break off for repairs and more ammo. Either the wind made that impossible, or their commander was not yet willing to take such heavy losses. And then the great storm made that delay fatal. The handier English ships could scud to nearby ports, but the Spanish had no shelter, and could only run before the wind through the Channel and into the North Sea. Those that didn’t sink were in no shape for an invasion.

  • KenH

    Oh, its a game, SKANK

    The Great Game
    And Donnie is playing to WIN

  • epilitimus

    The answer to Zed’s question from yesterday can be found in Dune:

    “Power attracts the corruptible. Absolute power attracts the absolutely corruptible.”

    As for sinking battleships…I was under the impression that carriers were the prize since WW2.

    History would teach us that WW3 will show the carrier to be an obsolete relic. Question is what will be the real prize this time?

    • eon

      Submarines. As they proved in both world wars, if you just want to deny a section of ocean to an enemy, blockade him, or otherwise wreck or thwart his ability to do logistics, the submarine is pretty much the ultimate naval weapon.

      Not to mention that with SLBMs, it can obliterate a city 5000 miles away and you’ll play hell finding it, either before or after it launches.

      As for flattops, about the only two things they had to fear up to now were each other…and subs. Every carrier lost in WW2 fell victim to either a sub or air attack. And modern sub drivers mainly worry about carriers… and other sub drivers. Everything else is defined as a target.

      Unlike some people, I don’t think anti-ship missiles are going to change that equation much. Missiles need launchers, and unless that launcher is a sub, odds are the carrier’s air is going to sink it before it launches.

      And even a sub has to worry about a carrier and its ASW tasked escorts.

      Carriers and subs between them have ruled the seas for a century. And they are each other’s most dangerous enemy.

      clear ether


  • Delilah T.

    How soon should we start flapping real-world, real-time history in front of the (clearly deprived of reality) left-nuts? Am I the only one who remembers the murder by white Democrat southerners of three civil rights workers who went to Mississippi to register blacks for voting? Does anyone besides me remember when Lyndon Johnson said he knew how to get the (nasty ‘N’ word)s to vote for him, by announcing the War on Poverty (real name: welfare state)?

    How long will these phonies avoid looking at themselves in the mirror and ignore what they really see there? DTrump is so good a playing them for the fools they are; I’m waiting breathlessly for the Day of Denouement when he throws all that stuff in their ridiculous faces.

    You can only bury the Truth for so long before it comes up for air – again.