Day By Day


  • Merle

    Naomi has a different look these days……

  • Indeed, both Naomi AND Alexa. Everything electronic is “Big Brother” capable, most particularly when WiFi connected.

  • Epador

    Including your Fitbit and Garmin…

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Of which I have none of the above.

      • JTC

        “Smart” phone? Smart” TV? Laptop? iPad?

        Yeah, them too.

        And I guess Androids are being hacked to mine for bitcoin if you’re dumb enough to “hold” bitcoin.

      • Kafiroon

        Don’t forget your “smart” refrigerator, washing machine car, etc. and anything electronic including talking children’s toys.

        • John Trauger

          Anything on the internet can be hacked. Anything on the internet with a microphone is a potential bug.

          If I ever buy “smart” appliances (besides the necessary evil of my phone and tablet) I’ll either never put them on a network or let them have a wireless network not connected to the internet.

        • JTC

          And that x-b0x you keep here for the grandkids?


    • Just Joe

      Geez……. I have a pair of hearing aids that have a GPS locator built in. Handy for lost aids but Homeland Security probably uses it for different purposes.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Very alliterative and poetic. Almost rhymes.
    And yes, I agree, nothing voice activated in the house. No Alexa. No Siri. And all the rest of that gaggle of tattle tale snoops.
    Good on Naomi for maintaining her knife skills.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    People bringing in through the front door a device that spys on you through the back door. And the sheeple have no clue. At least I haven’t heard of any drop in sales.

    • Interventor

      A vampire can only enter when you invite them in.

  • Calvin

    I am an non-traditional student going to school with a bunch of 20 somethings. When I express misgivings about all this high tech surveillance that we bring into our homes…crickets followed by “what’s wrong with you”. Somehow they think that because we “voluntarily” give up information that it won’t ever be used against us or stockpiled for someone to buy. Last week I tried to tell them about a time when a person could move across country, change their name (without the courts), and start a new life. They just shake their heads. I don’t know if it is disbelief or pity for the poor old guy.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Anything they say or do can (and will eventually) be used against them.

      The Carmen Miranda rights to be always on stage, forever.

  • JavaMan

    Yeah, Naomi hasn’t looked happy the last couple days

  • WayneM

    It seems to me that all of these “smart” devices have led to less than smart owners… and the concept of having the entire house wired up to such is about as repugnant as Obama’s official portrait… but not as bad as that of Michelle…

    • Farmist

      Agreed on all counts

    • JTC

      I thought the portraits weren’t that bad…

      BO’s places him back in the jungle from whence he came, and
      MO’s doesn’t look like her at all…that’s definitely a good thing.

  • Random Internet Guy

    Your rendering of the knife in flight in the first panel is nothing short of superb. It is remarkably 3 dimensional in appearance. Well done.

    • Ragutis

      I second that!
      And no Smart VR-goggles required!

      Well done, Mr. Muir.

  • Alex J

    Anything you say can and may be used against you

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      And it doesn’t even have to be in a court of law.

    • eon

      As NYIAC said above, “Carmen Miranda rights” to be on display 24/7/365 have replace the Miranda warning. As someone who’s had to “Mirandize” people a time or two, I tend to avoid things which want to know too much about me. Like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

      Alexa and Siri are essentially data-mining tools for their owners. The fact that they let you play “Enterprise library computer” with their platforms tends to make people forget the HAL 9000 aka Master Control Program problem.

      And no, that Android phone isn’t a Starfleet communicator, either. It’s a lot more powerful, and a lot less likely to be on your side.

      There is a point to keeping your “footprint” in the electronic world as small as possible. In fact, there are numerous sound reasons for doing so.

      Not everybody out there has your best interests at heart. This is especially true of those who, as Adam Smith said, “affect to do business for the public good”.

      This is as true of Jeff Bezos as it is of any other politician, self-admitted or otherwise.

      clear ether


      • Old Codger

        eon, here in San Antonio they do not read you your Carmen Miranda rights until you are arraigned. Since it is likely you will sit in detention for a couple of hours if not more before arraignment, what you wanna bet they get a shitload of juicy res gestae shit that way?

        As the redoubtable Kurt Hofmann put it, “Remember: Evil exists because good men don’t kill the government officials committing it.” .

  • Bill G

    The liberals do love tyranny, when it says the correct things. Big Bizz is only evil to them when it doesn’t support Big Gov.

    • gruundehn

      Liberals do not love tyranny, progressives do. The two philosophies are different, which is why progressives lie about being liberal.


    Orwell never dreamed that the population would voluntarily buy and install ‘Big Brother’s portals in their own homes.

  • Ozymandius

    You are right on point, Chris. Even if it’s “safe” when you unpack it, what would stop someone from hacking into it?

  • Anyone who has a voice activated devices such as Siri, Alexa and Cortana, or a Smart TV and any of the myriad of Internet of Things installed in their home should never receive a security clearance of any level.

    • Doggo

      Grumps, whether they have a voice activated device or not, they should NEVER discuss classified information at home.

  • Bill F

    I have been given 2 Echos/Alexas as gifts and I re-gifted them both. The home automation doesn’t thrill me (I can turn on my own lights, probably need the exercise) and the damn thing listening to me all the time isn’t worth it.

  • Mike Mulligan

    Seriously, (or should it be siriusly), the government has neither the ability nor intelligence to design the data grabbers. They simply have the “authority” to promise woes beyond comparison to the makers of said machines for self consumption; funny that!

  • Kafiroon

    Y’all realize every last day of every last web site is stored at NSA for a minimum, right? When the proglodites achieve power, we are all against the wall.
    Look at the “intelligence” agency and dnc trying the coup against Trump. they figured they could pull it off.

  • Spin Drift

    Ever notice that the ability to take a battery out of a phone is diminishing with every new version that is sold. This is our protocol, come home, phone goes in the fridge butter compartment. Cameras on laptops taped over. Devices stay in one room for charging.

    Open the pod bay doors, Hal. I’m sorry Dave I can’t do that.

    • Pamela

      Spin~ Why the butter compartment?

      • WayneM

        Butter compartment is supposed to be a touch warmer than the rest of the fridge. Lithium ion polymer batteries in smartphones are sensitive to cold.

        • Spin Drift

          Bingo on the low temp limit. I actually hate my phone. Once the job ends and I don’t need to be connected to e-mails 24/7 its going in a drawer. We still have our house line for talking to people.

          Scotty, beam me up, there’s no intelligent life on this planet.

          • 25

            Uh, your microwave is a Faraday cage and at room temperature. You just got to be sure you don’t turn the microwave on when the phone is in it.

  • Pamela

    I’m old school when it comes to “devices”. I have a flip phone with no internet. We don’t do wireless and do not have a smart TV or other assorted gadgets. I do not like being dependent on things that could disappear tomorrow or cause issues.

  • revjen45

    So the new computer has a microphone. How do I disable or confound it? Seems like something to input the opposite wave form over the mic would work.

  • Majer

    Android and Apple phones have brought forth the “Zombie apocalypse” They can’t function without their leash to the net. I wonder how many of them have died because they weren’t paying attention to the real world.

  • LowKey

    Anything with a “soft switch”, those being on/off functions that can be manipulated through software rather than “hard switches” i.e. actual physical switches, can be hacked and turned on or off remotely.
    Aside from the more nefarious reasons corporations might like to use soft switches there is a very simple reason for them to prefer using them on devices they manufacture…they’re cheaper to use.

  • eon

    Other than my PC and landline, nothing I have is even “remotely” connected to the Internet. My PC doesn’t even a VOX interface, nor do I want one. It’s bad enough trying to get through to AT&T’s phone line customer service bot, that seems more interested in background noise than what I’m saying.

    clear ether