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  • formwiz

    Just came from a blog where they riffed like this.

    The broad is toast.

  • JTC

    Clinton Foundation? Huh, all I’ve heard about on The News is Trump Foundation improprieties.

    What’s that? You say the dirt they’re digging on Trump is a few thousand while Bubbabitch has absconded with hundreds of millions?

    It’s all in how you look at it. Crossed up eyes helps make things look good when everything you do is crooked. I’m sure HR eyes is a rampant condition in the lamestream.

  • Bill G

    The Hildabeast has no assets of value, unlike these ladies.

  • Grunt GI

    Capitalism at it’s finest…give the audience what the want.
    Beer, boobs, and BBQ…preferably none of Skye’s screwy politics.
    Amazing how much money they can make…

  • Ryk E Lee

    She’s got “Hillary Rodham Clinton Eyes”, there’s a song title that will never fly.

    • tj

      They’re drifty, and shifty,
      See every chance for grift, eh?
      She’s a liar, pants on fire,
      And no frauds enough to make her soul blush.
      She’s got Bella Abzug’s standup style,
      She’s got Elizabeth Bathory’s eyes.”

      • Bill G

        The Hildabeast has been behind more deaths than the Blood Countess ever was.

      • GWB


    • James/G

      Check Baen’s Bar, ladies and Gents, and you will see that I suggested the song parody based on the song ‘Betty Davis Eyes’. I posted the version from there under comments within the last week I believe…

      Look in ‘Politics’ and the ‘Kratskeller’.

  • Pamela

    Either I’m going blind or someone floated funny money. It appears Old Hickory is on the top bill with three golden digits in the lower right corner denoting Benjamin Franklin.

    Now if Skye’s take for the night was $600, Yowzah. May I have an employment application please since unemployment sucks rocks.

    • PaulS

      Hang on, I heard there are so many jobs being created that everyone now has two!?

      • HankR

        Not far off. Many folks need two or three part time jobs to make what they need, and what they could make if they could have kept their old job. They still fall short, as the three part time jobs don’t offer the health insurance and other benefits that a full time gig would provide. At least in my part of the country there are plenty of those entry level, near minimum wage, part time jobs.

        • PaulS

          Awe carp! I forgot to .

          Hey, in my former part of the country (great northwet), they seem to think min wage should be $15/hr, even passed some laws, idiots!

          Fortunately we escaped to the eastern side of the State, which is literally Day Vs Night. Hell, Trump came here for a rally in Everett (whacky side of state), and had a huge turnout, maybe things are changing. (oops apparently left the snark on)

    • JTC

      “funny money”…well, not so funny as tragic but even “real” QE dollars might as well be “phony money”. And how apropos that clueless lib Skye gets stuck with ’em.

      Good job, NYIAC, you get somethin’ (that shirt!) for nothin’, maybe they’ve got something with that monetary policy of theirs after all…

    • Grunt GI

      OH, Skye was holding money?
      Didn’t notice that at first… 🙂

      Yup, there lies, damn lies, and statistics…. and Obama’s been peddling lies since Jan 20, 2009. NO WAY in hell our unemployment is under 5% or whatever bullshit number they use…probably closer to 20-25%…

      AND here’s a dirty little secret. It’s not just part timers… in my high tech field, lots of companies are using “1099” employees…those are basically glorified part timers… they are paid an hourly rate as “independent contractors” with no benefits, vacation, ZIPPO….and it’s being used more and more…
      Another wonderful result of Obamacare and the bullshit of the last 8 years…before 2009, I never even HEARD of a 1099 employee, everyone got hired with benefits.

      Heck of a job Barry….and now we get race riots to boot…ANYONE wanna bet how much Trump’s poll numbers just went up in NC?

      • JTC

        Grunt, the POS could say there’s full employment with benefits an bonuses and the lamestream would report it as a miraculous achievement even as the evidence of un- and under-employment is all around them…and ironically those un- and under-employed largely believe him!

        He’s not totally responsible for the trend toward a workforce of rotating part-timers to take the place of full time jobs with benefits though, that is largely a function of the wallyworld method and influence…no doubt with some collusion with the zero admin though, they are very cozy. That’s why I hate both so those fuckers so bad; wally achieved its dominance by predatory elimination of small-town business with sub-cost prices and then raises them once the competition is gone. Same with employment, there are no other jobs so people take what is offered and other companies have followed suit in order to survive…all with the full support of their tactics by gov. And who am I to criticize them when my wife just spent $200 there yesterday (no meat though, bleh)? We all contribute to our own demise in some ways, economically, politically, socially.

        But 1099 employment? The transparency of contract work is a huge positive; pay me my full price and let me deal with my ss & wh deductions, insurance, vacations, etc. myowndamnself. All of that shit creates an opaque method of underpayment. Give me my damn $40 an hour that my time is worth and I will handle my own affairs from that point on. Absolutely contract employment is used as a method to obfuscate, underpay, and eliminate workers carte blanche, but the marketplace will ultimately control that, not employers, not unions, and sure as hell not gov. I don’t need any of those to “help” me take care of my own business.

        If I’m worth $40 an hour, pay me my $40 an hour and let me handle my own affairs and make my own mistakes or wise decisions…that is how true capitalism can take hold in the wage-earner marketplace.

      • Pamela

        One Quarter of my Engineers were 1099 until the “IRS Rules” had to be followed.

      • Grunt GI

        Yea, it is an interesting phenomenon to watch unfold….if not for the complete cluster-fuck that Obamacare has made of buying health insurance, I might consider it too. According to my HR department a lot of people do prefer being 1099 employees for just the reason you describe JTC, they get their $150/200 an hour (IT guys are darned expensive here) and take care of all their own taxes, etc. and work whatever hours they want.

        Not ready to make that leap yet…but who knows in another 5 years everyone may have to do that. AND, maybe you’re right, it will restore some measure of power to the workers…BUT it won’t work for those poor dipshits who think they’re gonna get $15/hour flipping burgers.

        Cheap, mean, and nasty..that’s kinda the world the kleptocracy and crony capitalism have given us…liberal bullshit about caring for the workers aside…

    • Arkelk

      I’m told that bartending pays well, even for men in a straight bar. How much more for an effectively topless, stacked woman in a straight bar and restaurant?

  • B Woodman

    Chris, I don’t know how you’d go about doing it, but next time, please post a spew alert. That last panel is downright funny.

  • B Woodman

    Reminds me of the joke about how to correct the eyesight of a cross-eyed bull. It involves a cross-eyed bull, a farmer, a black hired hand, and a length of pipe.

    • Grape

      It can be done w/o the pipe if you have the intestinal fortitude.

  • “All the boys, simply want to hide
    She’s got Hillary Rodham eyes!”


  • Pamela

    Yikes. Someone needs to give Hildebeast 2.0 a whack to reset the eyes into their correct position.

    • WayneM

      It’s going to take a hellava whack… Louisville Slugger or sledgehammer? Hmmmm….

      • tj

        One on either side?

        • Bill M

          Both at once.

      • Aluminum baseball bat. It makes such a wonderful wet, ringing sound when properly* applied to the human** skull.

        *sufficient velocity
        **benefit of the doubt goes to Hillary

        • WayneM

          I’m glad you qualified those terms. lol

          • Pamela

            Is there a bit of bounce

        • JTC

          OT, Petercat (but only slightly), where can I get one o’ them Dragonflies?

          Yeah yeah, I know gotta wait to be “adopted”. But tick-tock, my dragonfly!

  • Calvin

    If she would just drop out we could feel sorry for her as she fades away but I believe that she would rather die than give up her dream (our nightmare) for the White House.

    • Bill G

      I agree that she would rather die in the attempt than step back and live.
      And no matter what their politics, no one who wants it that badly should have it.

      • eon

        And everyone in the DNC knew it upfront, on both counts.

        They are still hoping that this is the Administration that will give them True Revolutionary Socialism (TM) so they can “rule without let or hindrance”, forever and ever, praise Trotsky. (Lenin and Stalin are a bit too warm and fuzzy for their tastes.)

        They also knew from experience that nobody crosses Lady Macbeth and survives it.

        I suspect that they’re hoping she’ll be too busy inflicting Total Destruction and Revolutionary Vengeance on everybody they don’t like either (gun owners, small business, the military, the energy industry, Israel, etc.) to take revenge on them for not necessarily worshiping her with sufficient fervor all these years.

        If they actually knew the history of their “like-minded” antecedents, they’d know better. Leftists always eat their own, less from need than to feed their fantasies of hegemony and fear of one day being usurped.

        At her age, expect all the stops to be pulled out as she tries to “bargain” with mortality. “A sufficient number of sacrifices” in exchange for the Grim Reaper not telling her, “Time, please”.

        Sounds great- unless you’re one of the sacrifices.

        clear ether


        • JTC

          First she needs them to “stage an intervention…friends don’t let friends vote Trump.” Use ’em, then eat ’em.

          “Why am I not 50 point ahead?” There’s where looking at things cross-eyed comes in handy.

          In a great essay on gun rights Maj. Caudill USMC (ret) said “There’s only two ways to convince me, reason and force.”
          Reason is beyond their comprehension, so what’s next?

          I got yer intervention right here, bitch.

          • JTC

            I’m sure most here know this, but to save the indignant retorts, Maj. Caudill is an hilarious if tragic involuntary nom de plume for sci-fic writer/mr. mom marko kloos.

    • Kafiroon

      Freaking Great. Our very own female (?) Stalin or Mao. Mao. She cannot give up the suits but will purge like both.

  • Spin Drift

    Another topic but a question of concern. Sipsey Street Irregulars just “Spiked the Guns.” Anyone know why?


    • Pamela

      Based on the information he left, I’d say he’s going to ground for a bit. Maybe longer.

      Something wicked this way comes is getting closer.

    • Merle

      Yeah, I’d sure like to know that too…..

  • Possibly, just possibly, actually making her own money from her own labors will teach Skye about capitalism? I’ve gotten so pissed off at Hitlery that my blood pressure spikes when I see it.

  • JIMV

    What a great place to work, amazing work place atmosphere

    • PaulS

      A host style work environment? 🙂

  • John

    21 East 26th Street, 4th Fl
    New York, NY 10010

    The address isn’t too unusual until you discover it’s the address of HRC’s daughters apartment too. I guess that’s why they took her to her daughters place when she collapsed, instead of to a hosp. Interesting I think….

    • PaulS


    • Pamela

      Wonder if they filled out all the HIPPA paperwork and all the billing codes due to the Ocare (not) changes for reimbursement.

      • SheepDog

        Besides keeping her alive, I think patient confidentiality is probably top of the list. Way beyond HIPPA level requirements.

        • MasterDiver

          This was mentioned in some of the stories last week. The SS protocol was to take her to Bellevue hospital, but a “campaign operative” ordered the van to reroute to Chelsea’s apt bldg. The assumption was they wanted to avoid the risk of leaks from ER staff or other hospital personnel.
          Ahh, transparency and keeping the voting public informed.

          Zar Belk!

  • John (SD)

    I saw the movie “The Mummy” when I was a kid. The Boris Karloff movie from 1932. It scared the beejeebees out of me. The only thing that scares me today is HRC will die and be embalmed, then return as “The Mommy”. Things are bad enough without that to worry about. I think cremation kind of puts that out of the realm of possibilities, I hope!

  • Scary thought: if hellarie’s TBI from that fall really is having an effect so profound on her now, what if she gets up for one of the debates and walks right off the edge of the stage platform?

    Oh, dearie, dearie me!!!!

    Is she allergic to water?

    • Pamela

      We know she isn’t allergic to alcohol

    • John (SD)

      I think HRC’s long term health problems caused her to fall, and it’s just been going downhill from there. It must be nice to have a fully staffed medical facility available to you 24/7. Your own private medical facility no less. All you have to tell anyone is you’re going over to visit your daughter for a while. Nothing unusual about that huh?

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