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  • 55six


  • Pamela

    We all need a spotter on our six…

  • Fuzzy Curmudgeon

    On target.

  • Gideon Reed

    Excellent treatment and very au current.
    Wonderous art work and as always, perfectly on target.
    Chris, there is nothing to add and certainly nothing should be subtraced.
    I, as a “victim” of my upbringing still remain mindful of Moscow Rules.

    • Ryk E Lee

      Thumbtacks and a stick of chalk.

  • Messkit


  • Zach

    Hope you don’t get a visit from people in dark suits.

  • Bad Cyborg

    ISIS wants to behead the President of the United States in the very White House where out chiefs of state have resided for two centuries. Is it wrong for me to respond to that news with mixed emotions? I mean mixed emotions as in the old saw about watching your Mother-in-law drive over a cliff in your brand new car.

    I do not wish BHO ill nor do I desire his children to be orphans. On the other hand …

    • interventor

      Worst case, many ISIS die. Best case, many more ISIS and jehadim die.

    • armedandsafe

      We are hoping nobody turns that man into a martyr. I, for that reason, hope he lives long after his final term is over.

      I also hope that “final term” is in a deep, dark prison.

      • Perfect ending to a sad story.

      • jpm100

        Unfortunately at this point that’s the best thing the Big Zero could do for the ’cause’. I’m a firm believer there are men behind the man (at least on policy and general party architecting) and they are wondering how they could extend his influence beyond 2016. Being a martyr is probably on the list. A list the Big Zero doesn’t get to see. Also he’s got a relatively long life ahead of him and this petulant child who won’t know how to live quietly but does knows where a few bodies are buried.

  • Yeah. What Zach said.

  • Wayne R.

    THE best strip out there, bar none.

  • B Woodman

    Chris, for “political” reasons, I realize you couldn’t take or show that follow up shot, but I wish. . . . oh, how I wish. . . ..
    ANd once again, an excellent cartoon. I just don’t know how it is that you continue to outdo yourself on a daily basis.

  • Southpaw

    With all the hot air coming out of the Chief Executive, you definitely have to adjust for windage downrange.

  • Daniel O'Brien

    Knock, knock / Who’s there? / Secret Service / Secret Service who?

    Keep us posted.

    • Chris Muir

      Don’t fear government,it gives them the ammo they need.They work for us, and they can, AND WILL BE, fired.

      • Indeed. Soon enough? That is the question.

      • RegT

        I offered a recipe on Fran Porretto’s blog a while back for broiled stack, should you find one at your front and back doors. Extra crispy. Funny, “fired” is exactly right.

      • Besides, at this point, you and the agents they send are on a first name basis….

  • Doc Epador

    Did you ever notice how you tend to wake up before the worst part of the nightmare? Let’s hope America does.

  • JTC

    vous êtes Charlie

    vous êtes courageux

    très bien, merci

  • Subotai Bahadur

    Manumissio interruptus

  • Canuck49

    That’s what a good woman is and does. She looks after and out for her highest values. It goes without saying that good men do the same.

  • AllanE

    He picked it up a ling time ago. He has just not openly waved it yet. Although, he is getting closer and closer with his actions towards Iran and Israel.

  • AllanE

    Should have been (long) Damn Dyslexia!

  • Great cartoon, Chris, but Zach and others are correct, you’ll be lucky if this one doesn’t bring a visit (or at least a phone call) from the Secret Service, once the SJW’s see it and go apeshit.

    • JTC

      So, a satirical cartoonist is being warned against freedom of expression under threat of jackbooted terrorist thugs in the employ of the erstwhile cradle freedom of expression. How incredibly, tragically ironic.

      • B Woodman

        Robert and JTC,
        Just more grist for the mill. And Muir grinds it fiiiiine.

      • Unca Walt

        I find it incredibly sad that there are serious comments here from intelligent people about the Big Brother aspect… and the comments have merit. As an old vet, I think understand the feeling of outrage and insult that a rape victim endures.

        Thank God for Chris and his genius.

    • April 25, 2010, Joseph McVey; listened to police on scanner while Obama was in town. Arrested.
      October 2012, Mitchell Kusick; told his therapist that he wanted to kill Obama, nine months in prison.
      Aug 31, 2014; Unnamed person arrested in CT over second party report of threat again President, no details or disposition ever reported.

      It doesn’t take much. And it’s not worth it for this preening egotist. Who in the end isn’t the real problem, it’s the who and why he was placed where he is today that’s the problem and the biggest question of the century.

  • Kevin M

    Cox and Forkum would be proud!

    • Chris Muir

      I miss those guys.

      • Kevin M

        We all do.

        • clayusmcret

          They did update their official website on Jan 7, 2015 with some of their best back in 2006 related to Mohammed and cartoons.

          • and John Cox is still doing some comics on his own site, although not nearly as political.

  • DocWahala

    I felt recoil when I saw the sight picture.

    • JTC

      That is a beautiful double entendre there, Doc.

      I admit that I first only saw one meaning, but now I understand, and both are visceral and…accurate, as it were.

      Good job.

      • DocWahala

        thanks…. Now Mr Muir…. He’s in the master-class for double-entens. Reading as DBD has a natural effect of sharpening our own skills.

  • JTC

    In an interview someone asked Chris (Kyle not Muir) if he regretted the targets he took out, and he said no, he focused on the lives he saved. One might say the same figuratively about this target, but of course that dream would be a nightmare; we have other methods to remove the enemies within who would deny our freedoms. Can we do it before it’s too late? I don’t know.

    Taking wifey to Lakeland tomorrow to see the movie. Looking forward to it, but I’ll have this cartoon in my mind’s eye throughout. We’ll have a steak dinner, a margarita, and a little shopping (for her) afterwards, then back home to watch the game. I wonder if my perspective will be changed, as to whether my children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy such an outing and such freedoms a generation from now.

  • Ming the Merciless

    “Vous êtes Charlie”
    Dont make me laugh, “Charlie Hebdo” was-is an anti-catholic, anti-semitic marxist rag that posted a few…VERY FEW Muhamad cartoons and paid for it with their life.
    They already swore to never post islamophobic cartoons again…

    • JTC


      That was irony whizzing overhead there Ming.

      The subject is irrelevant, the method is the thing.

      • Ming the Merciless

        What remain is like with Al Gore’s Global Warming “received science”, it is now in the conventions of all the media that cartoons about islam are as taboo as those about pedophilia…(which is, by the way, the base of sexual life in islam)

  • David Gonzalez

    Mr. Muir—

    After a self-tattle (involving possible fracture of a certain cocaine-besotted proboscis), I was honored by such a personal visit. You want details? Buzz me via e-mail . . . while you’re at it, you could pass that address along to John Egbert—also tell him that the old phone number (now on my cell-phone) will work on week-days? TNX, Bro.

  • As usual, you are a genius. Damn that was good. I wonder, how many wish they could have that sight picture?

  • Canuck49

    Don’t change a thing and never back down but just in case you need the help, try these guys: The Institute for Justice @

  • Roger Brandon

    I have to agree with armedandsafe. Though the idea of the despot, getting just what he deserves, makes me smile, the fact is, if anything happens to him- even if it’s by a deranged, fellow Muslim that thinks even Obama isn’t doing enough to bring America down- then we’ll have a MEGA JFK on our hands.

    It’s overwhelmingly disgusting how the left can ignore his lies and corruption now, but with him gone, he’d be made out to be a combination of Mother Theresa, George Washington and Jesus, only better. People like Sharpton and Jackson would be given carte blanche and any chance of conservatives to take back our country would end.

    As armedandsafe says, the best ending with Obama is for him to see us take back the country and watch the collapse of his precious, anti-American liberal establishment- from a prison cell!

  • At the 2nd innaugeration of Paris Glendening as Gov. here in Md., he had a special guest…William Jefferson Clinton. (After Bill left the WH.)I was sitting at a light one block from the State House when the two of them and security detail cross right in front of me.
    Only thing preventing an “accident” was I don’t like prison…..

  • Bill G

    Many of us wonder if he’s picked it up.
    His words are meaningless, his actions speak loudly.


    Should the JBTs wish to do more than to visit, please be sure you have means of alerting those of us who would enjoy a Florida vacation, Captain Parker.

  • Wes

    Bravo Zulu amigo.

  • Canus Maximus

    On the short list of one of your best Chris.


  • Sarge

    I agree with the warnings.. You do NOT want to anger the people in power too much by going too far… They can make your life a living hell if they want to… I had that done to me on a local level once… I can only imagine and shudder at what they could do on a national level…

  • Grunt GI

    What I find interesting is the looney left made snuff films about George W when he was in office and the leftist “intelligentsia” {snark} was PERFECTLY fine with that…but say ANYTHING bad about their Anointed One and you are a racist, bigoted homophobe that hates puppies and Christmas.

    And yet in the end O is such a condescending narcissist that he doesn’t FU–ING care what the peasants think about his greatness…as he said in the SOTU—he WON his elections and come January 20, 2017 he will retire to big bucks, play all the golf he wants, make more useless speeches to adoring sycophants and LAUGH HIS ASS off at the mess he will leave America to clean up.

    I agree I hope he stays alive and healthy..martyrdom does not suit him…I want him to watch when his old buddies in the DemocRATic party finally start to turn on him (AND THEY WILL) for the wreckage he has made of their party…not that I personally mind, but you can bet the Clinton machine will have their revenge.

    wow, that felt good…I need more coffee and bacon…

  • Hungry Joe

    Instead of Obama in the crosshairs, I see the rubble all around him. That is his transformation (fundamentally) of our country.

    • Chris Muir


  • Pamela

    Time to bring back the Sons and Daughters of Liberty…

  • Turk

    I still don’t believe he’s a Moslem. He’s too narcissistic to worship anything but himself. I DO believe he hates this nation, and everything it stands for, and has been working to “take us down a peg” his entire racist, elitist, internationalist, fabian socialist life. I’ve been reading this web comic since I found it a few years ago. I want to be able to KEEP reading it, so please, keep checking your 6 Mr. Muir. THIS one might be the one that gets you in serious trouble. It would REALLY SUCK if the comic you posted on my Birthday was the one that got you black bagged!!!

    • Chris Muir

      I appreciate that; but the fact that people feel dread from a simple toon speaks volumes of their view of this government; such a government was not meant to last.“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. – Thomas Jefferson

      • Grunt GI

        nahhh…Chris is right…it is sad…BUT the good thing is, I doubt any of those whiny lefty pajama boys even read this toon….too many red meat ‘murican things like babes, boobs, guns, and snark for their progressive minds.

        They are all reading Doonesbury while leafing through their Sunday WaPo patting themselves on the back cuz they were too smart and clever to serve in that mean ol’ knuckle dragging military.

        Funny to think how Sam would scare the crap out of them…naked or clothed!

      • capn

        Hear hear Chris.
        Thomas would be irrepressible with rage that we had let this get to this state.

        When people ask me what to do about this situation, usually with a noticable whine “What can li’l ole me do against the Big Bad Feddies?” I gently remind them of the quote by Alexandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn “How we burned in the camps later, …”. ( I trust your google-fu is strong )
        I have taken to calling it the Solzhenitsyn Solution. Reduce the oversized government … by attrition.

        Even a ball peen hammer can change the world … properly used that is to say.

        stay safe,


  • NanGee

    So then … everyone here has come to the conclusion that what Barack is doing is deliberate and with malice aforethought, and not the result of on-going blundering stupidity? And that what he is doing is his very own idea, and not the result of having been bought off by a rich evil Other Government a la Manchurian Candidate? I dunno — I still get whiffs of blind panic and crashing into walls looking for approval from SOMEone and never getting it from ANYone.

    • Chris Muir

      He’s in power because half the Nation voted him in; and this is the culmination of 100 years of progressive activism.His actions and background speak of the Muslim Brotherhood; a faith which is anti-Constitutional at its very core.Speculation and observation readers have of such data are not ‘panic’,that’s your take.

      • I hope you’re right, that this IS the Culmination, and it’s nothing but downhill from here for the Proglodytes. That they’d shot their wad and this is all they get for it.

      • capn

        One small point to pick here Chris …
        “He’s in power because half the Nation voted him in; and this is the culmination of 100 years of progressive activism.”
        Half of the people who voted voted him into office.
        About half of the total population didn’t even vote at all.
        So …. the larger half of the slightly less than half would be … ( plus two, carry the zero … hummm) not even a full quarter of the eligible to vote is who voted him in.
        The media would have us believe that “the whole Nation” wants this or that when really it is the Big Banks, Big Corps and such.
        Marxist creative journalism.

        stay safe my friend I truly enjoy your artwork and agree with the points you raise.

        • Chris Muir

          Damn good point! 🙂

  • Gideon Reed

    Moochelle would be amazed at “all that for a piece of cloth”.

  • Alaska Paul

    There is a lot of symbolism and meaning in this cartoon, Chris. But the image of the suit in a field of devastation looking at the ISIS flag says it all.

    The story turned out to be a nightmare, but is it? We are at a crossroad.

    • Chris Muir

      People forget there is great opportunity during ‘Change’-it can work both ways.

  • Alaska Paul

    I have a good friend who went through the 1964 Alaska Earthquake. Things were quite lively in the Safeway store during the shaking. When his boss checked up on him and his family and found them ok. He told my friend, “every disaster is a new opportunity.”

    My friend’s apartment was pretty damaged, so he found a house jumped off its foundation, boiler thrown through the floor from the basement, but the structure was sound. So he bought it for $4k moved it and raised his family. Still in use today.

  • Rhino

    “Sam, I’m going back to sleep and no matter what, DON’T WAKE ME UP!”

  • John Greer

    I need Enlightenment.
    Just what is the significance of “taqiyya and kitman”.

    • John Greer

      That last sentence should have ended in a question mark.
      Also I would encourage the readers to vote more often on TWC.
      Ranking in the 200’s is an embarrassment.

      • Ming the Merciless

        Kitman is an extension of takyia…MENDACITY FOR ALLAH…

  • I think its ketman not kitman.

  • Ming the Merciless

    This will not end well for Hussein…Clinton might be in clover, but when the “O”
    retire, his “security” will be greatly diminished. He, along with the shrubs,
    may be a creature of the Saudis, but for the real muslims, the jihadis, Obama
    is the ultimate evil, a renegade, and the cause of all their troubles.
    Suicide is in fashion with them and looking at the massive number
    occurring, it is impossible that one will not succeed with Barry. The Dems may cherish the memory of Clinton, but Obama brought them nothing but defeat and humiliation.Obama will go down in history in opprobrium.

  • interventor

    If, you wish to see an ex-president who sold his soul to the Sauds, look no further than Carter. They paid for his presidential library. When I lived in Atlanta, walking down the street, he was surrounded by walking bed sheets. Add hoods, and one would have thought the kluxers had risen.

  • JSStryker

    Keep hammering him Chris!

  • jkesc

    Please watch yourself…we need someone

    • observer

      …at the risk of sounding like a parrot, be careful. Cartoons are carrying much more weight lately as free speech fades away.

    • Chris Muir

      I decided to not check that quote,serves me right.Argh!

  • capn

    Don’t mean to short Zed or anything but Sam can spot for me anytime.
    I’ll even bring extra snacks.

  • Ming the Merciless

    The quote appears to come from John Basil Barnhill, in a published 1914 debate with socialist Henry Tichenor. On page 34, Barnhill says:

    Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty.
    Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty.

    — John Basil Barnhill, Indictment of Socialism (#3), transcript of Barnhill-Tichenor Debate on Socialism (1914)

  • JTC

    Great day with the wife today; an hour of oldies in the car on the way to a nice dinner, a little shopping, and an outstanding movie. American Sniper is the story of American Heroes. Seeing it now gives me new insight on Mr. Muir’s imagery…”Don’t pick it up!”. Who would expect a child or a president to be the enemy, but make no mistake, the threat is in the crosshairs and the patriot will do what he has to do, all the while hoping desperately that he doesn’t. Pretty deep shit, masterfully illustrated.

    Unfortunately the Islamic threat is unresolved, both in the movie and in the White House. We think we understand what must be done as to the latter, but the former? Wife asked me on the ride home, “Why were they there?” The movie makes clear that the men were there to save each other, and they did that with amazing distinction, so that’s what I told her. She said “I know that, I mean why were they, why were *we* there, in that place, on the ground, wasting those heroic boys, those billions of dollars, when things are worse now than ever?”

    I didn’t, and don’t, have an answer for that.

  • Chris Muir

    Sorry ’bout that; there are certain cadences in your writing that trolls use.I’ll hold off and see where this goes-you can continue to publish.

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