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  • Hmmmm…. Eggs Arnold is correct. Good one. Bad news though.

  • Robert Mitchell Jr.

    I keep hearing how bad Boehner is, while the Republicans go from victory to victory, and the Democrats are losing their minds, and have been reduced to faking stories just to slow the descent of their policy failures. Funny that. Almost like Boehner is a genius legislator, who has stopped the Democrats as much as he can at every front, while we were the minority, but is hated by people who don’t understand the job, and want him to act like he was running for the top executive job, President. And doing it with a Federal Bureaucracy so corrupt that they tell obvious lies to Congress, refuse to answer subpoenas, and even set pedophiles free in their quest to take out sitting Republican Senators.

    Can’t understand why he is still in office, thought for sure the Republicans would Thatcher him in the finest of Conservative traditions……

    • rpopp

      I could be wrong but the issue, IMHO, is policy vs. seats. Yes, Boehner has presided over a wave of anti-Democrat elections which put Republicans into many seats but he has yet to show that when sits down to the table with the Democrats that he will walk away with anything more than Dem-lite policy.

    • Calvin

      This last election cycle I gave no money to the GOP. I gave several hundred dollars to individual candidates running as Tea Party republicans including Mia Love, Martha McSally, and Joni Ernst. Boehner had next to nothing to do with the election results. It was the dissatisfaction of the voters. As for stopping the democrats…..what are you talking about? Obamacare is law and has been funded by the GOP (Boehner led) Congress until the end of this fiscal year. The border is still wide open and amnesty is still going forward. We made a mistake in Iraq and we’re making a new one in Afghanistan. We still don’t take ISIS seriously. All the while Americans are being spied upon, their tax dollars being used against them, and we still don’t have full accounting for Benghazi and Fast and Furious. I’d like you to point out all this success that Boehner is having on behalf of the American people and not the White House.

    • GWB

      Please. Where has Boehner stopped the Democrats, even once? Where? You can’t show it because it hasn’t happened. He has constantly said “this isn’t the hill to die on” – to him there is NOTHING worth going to the mat for.

      He has helped to give away a vast amount of the legislative branch’s authority and responsibility. He has the power to rein in the federal bureaucracy, but he won’t use it – all for fear of losing a majority that he only values for its ability to put him in a position of power and perks. He is not leading an alternative to the Democrats, he’s leading as an alternative Democrat.

    • PaulS

      Wow, do opinions vary about this Boehner character, those on his side also seem to talk the same way about Dear Leader. i.e. “The economy is better than ever, UE is down, stock market up, fuel prices down, etc… And My favorite that gets attributed to both – “The annual deficit has been cut by 75%” (dontcha know!). Well when you start out at 400% of the previous 8 year average (“over spending’), how hard can it be to “cut it”?! Good Lord!

  • Wayne M

    It should be fun to see Boehner and McConnell spinning away while 0bama plays the fiddle…

  • Guitanguran

    I’m not so sure this is merely a matter of how bad Boehner is. Having a landslide victory at your back and giving Obama another full year of funding for Obamacare is bad…cowardly, in fact. Rather, it’s how bad Washington D.C. has become that most of the GOP still voted for him rather than for leadership based on principle. Only way I see out is the Article V Convention of the States to wipe the slate clean.

  • KenH

    Makes you wonder, what’s the point?
    The world is circling the drain, and you have weepy fuckwits like this still consuming oxygen. Why even bother

  • Hb

    Read John Ross Unintended Consequences and Matt Braken’s Enemies books…then you will know what has been, what is and what is coming…and what to do about it.

  • Leo AutoDidact

    I’ll second Ross’ “Unintended Consequences” and add Bill Branon’s “Let Us Prey” (along with Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” of course) “Thidwick, The Big-Hearted Moose” by Dr. Seuess is good for the Youngsters, although too un-PC for their Teacher’s, so DON’T let ’em take it to School!

  • *sigh* The Boehner of our existence….

  • Bill G

    Keep this up, and someone will decide it’s time to make an omelet.

  • PaulS

    I like the imagery of the moniker “Dumbocrats”, with proper attribution to Mr. Disney.

    • The proper term is DemonicRats.

  • RooftopVoter

    Please, someone in Boehners district find a good solid Conservative and start NOW on their primary campaign. He could be Cantored so easily……. But you can’t wait until 2016 to start building, you have to chip away at this schmuck day by day…….. ( pun intended )

    I don’t hold any intrinsic hatred of the man, but he is a poor excuse of a Leader……..

  • Paladin

    The GOP has been dead to me for a long time now, but what chaps my hide is how many Tea-Party newly elected Republicans voted for Boehner. I will hold a grudge…

  • JTC

    Anybody know what the alternative to RINO’s were? This is how we ended up with McCain and Romney on the R ticket, and how we are quite likely to end up with Hillz in the big chair in ’16. Who the fuck is running this monkey house?

  • bill

    Man, and I just made some KILLER scratch hollandaise the other day. Never going to taste the same again.

  • interventor

    For several days, Comcast WiFi delivers a blank screen. Away from WiFi smartphone 4G delivery Any opinions.

  • You’ll never solve a damned thing by voting for career politicians.
    Voting Republican or Democrat will only perpetuate the situation and likely make it worse.

  • Dennis

    Good strip and very true. With Boehner and McConnell as the ‘leaders’ of the Senate and House nothing will get done and the GOP will find itself screwed when the 2016 Presidential campaign rolls around. And we can believe one thing for sure…that a conservative will not receive the backing of its own party. If they run Jeb Bush we are in deep trouble with no chance of winning the office of president and just may lose both the Senate and House.

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