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  • JTC

    A list? Okay.

    The A List

    Every lawmaker and every law vetted by a board of volunteer Constitutional scholars and patriotic citizens, assigning each a standard A to F grade. Report cards disseminated monthly on every media platform.

    What patriotic politician wouldn’t want to strive for himself and his bills to reach that lofty A List level?

    And conversely, what closet communist and America hater in conservative clothing (looking at you Romney, and many others) wouldn’t be terrified to be assigned the big red F of shame?

    I like it. Good one Zed.

    • Kafiroon

      Nah. I don’t think any of them have a conscience, sense of shame, or probably even a soul.

      • JTC

        Pretty jaded ain’t we? Understandable, but look at POTUS to find a solid B record where we would have least expected it.

        Totally based on their primary concern; getting elected/re-elected to keep their ticket on the gravy train.

        Desire to make the
        grade might even inspire some to become actual good Americans.

        • Henry

          I’m pessimistic. What’s in it for them to be on such a list? The respect of me and the type of people who think like me can’t compare to six-figure speaking engagements or mansions in Martha’s Vineyard.

          • pyrodice

            Long story about the amount of land a man owns in the end being 6 feet long and 2 feet wide, and 6 feet deep, no matter…

    • JavaMan

      Ah! Make it a scarlet F, not just a big red one … And make them wear the Scarlet Letter whenever they appear in public.

    • Old Codger

      One Yuge problem with your plan, JTC. The left pretty much controls ALL media platforms so such lists (and, doubtless their posters) would immediately be deplatformed.

      • JTC

        Ironic you use that Trumpism OC, proof that’s not really true; of course Old Media is a wholly leftist owned propaganda joke but the social and other new media platforms are where all the real news is and everybody knows it. Trump “owns”Twitter for instance, and there’s not a damn thing they can do about it…it’s all about access.

        • Kafiroon

          Like you idea, But…
          The quote goes: “Pirate!”

        • Henry

          It’s because Twitter doesn’t dare deplatform POTUS, it would be a national scandal. They have no compunction about doing it to everyone who thinks anything like him, though.

    • Roland Deschain

      A fine idea. The major problem is that the politicians could care less about what we think about their legislation. Once they get elected, they pursue their own agenda, or that of the party at large.
      I read a short meme about how we lost control of the politicians once we stopped tar and feathering them and they really gained “cockiness” when we stopped hanging them. They believe that they are untouchable. We need to reach out and “touch” them. Just like the old telephone company ads. “Just reach out and touch somebody.”

    • Too Tall

      Make sure you put the Progtard DildoCrats on the list with their addresses and a T next to their name.

      That way you will have a ready-made Tango List when the need arises.

  • JSStryker

    I’m glad you called out Rick “Skeletor” Scott, Chris!

    • Wood

      Agreed. Primary that scum.

  • Pamela

    Villains, Thieves and Scoundrels Union Local 666

    • Bill G

      I BEG your pardon! Please don’t try to lump politicians in with me!

      • Pamela

        Bill~ Why would you want to be part of the VTSU 666 ~The Spawns of Satan?

        • GWB

          Because they actually look down on Congress?

  • WayneM

    One would hope the RINOs have enough sense to keep their mouths shut during the lead up to the next election… but then again, common sense isn’t a RINO attribute.

    • No, no it’s not. Which is why you must keep your eyes and ears wide open.

    • Old Codger

      Remember. Sense. along with decency and courtesy is one of the LEAST common qualities that exist.

      • OC ~ Civility hit the fix outbound long about 1973 when Civics was deleted from the educational curriculum in our schools.

  • Bill G

    Perhaps just refer the undesirables as Schiffty ones?

    • John D. Egbert

      Check out . . .


      My malware software blocked that website, said there was a trojan

  • When in the 1st Infantry Division a motto went like “If you’re going to be one, be a big red one…
    Instead of a Big red F of shame, let’s make them wear a ‘cone of shame’ like Doug…

  • shooter 2.5

    I’m going to ignore politics for this special announcement. HAPPY SAINT VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!!!

    • Fronk!


  • Dread

    When i was young our country’s future looked bright and full of promise. But the more big government, arrogant marxist, open minded, crooks and near do wells have taken over, then the dimmer our future has looked. Now the first bubbles and percolations of uncivil war have began to surface. Im not looking forward to what our external enemies will do to us while we fight internally to keep rights and freedom. That former bright light grows dimmer however not due to a lack of patriot ferver, but because of a decline in numbers. What suicidal sickness has siezed our nation?

    • Pamela

      The Sickness of Too Busy and the Abdication of Being Responsible.

      • Chris Muir

        Excellent summing up!

    • Henry

      The mistake of accepting “free” education from the state for our progeny. We now have two generations of state-worshippers, and no one to blame for it except ourselves.

  • GilaMonster

    I suggest a Terminal List.

    See: Jack Carr

  • Charlie Foxtrot

    Well said.

    Neither of Floriduh’s US Senators have distinguish themselves. However, Rick Scott was especially craven: Hitting the Ban button immediately after the Parkland tragedy; championing the egregious Red Flag law and the banning of bump stocks. All to save his political skin and his Senate run. The fact that Parkland was largely abject failures of the national, state and county governments, as well as the Sheriff’s department, makes it all even more galling.

    A note to Rick Scott: We remember, and there will be an accounting in another four years.

    • JTC

      Scott was a deer in the headlights in the wake of Parkland, thinking he was being decisive and preemptive when he jumped on that crapwagon of foolish infringements, based on Trump’s own lip-service.

      He didn’t (doesn’t) understand the fine art of misdirection and delaying tactics that DT has such successful command of and Scott was himself suckered in by the red herring fallacies that work so wonderfully time and time again for POTUS. IOW, he ain’t no Trump.

      Bright side, we now do have a gov who is much more a disciple of the Trump method, and understands the need to watch and emulate what he does and not necessarily what he says. Further, immediately after his election DeSantis was given the awesome opportunity to fill the majority of the state supreme court due to term limits; the exception being the goofy little bucktoothed Cuban kid I used to run around the little farm town of Pahokee with in his old English Ford, and who is the just-past two-term chief justice of that court…but he is now a minority of one as evidenced in some recent decisions to do with scrapping some of Scott’s idiocy, and there is no doubt that over the next few years most of it will be deservedly reversed.

      That is, as long as the state, the most swing-vulnerable of all the reds, can avoid being dragged into the morass of leftism that dominates the lower east coast that is home to that school and all of the mis- and mal-management that allowed that slaughter and continues to exploit it and dance in the blood of those children. And there is a very real risk of this place climbing on board the clown car of whatever Bozo ends up with the Dim nom. Sickening thought.

  • yeah

    Almost. We need to change the constitution so that any member of congress who votes to pass a bill that later becomes law and is subsequently found to be unconstitutional has violated their oath of office, and is permanently removed from office and barred from federal service of any kind. Also, kill their pension/confiscate their 401K or IRAs. They need to be absolutely terrified for their job each time they vote. I’d really like to make it a capital crime, but I doubt we could get that.

    • KenK

      I don’t think taking their IRA & 401k would be constitutional.

  • Hotrod Lincoln

    So, how did Scott get rewarded for his RINO shenanigans with a Senate seat, probably for decades to come? We’re finally getting rid of Lamar Alexander here in Tennessee, but the senile old goat had to retire to make it happen. He’s never had a real job in his life- – – -started playing politics in high school- – – -and he’s almost been as embarrassing to us Ridgerunners as Al Gore. Most of us hope he chooses to retire in DC instead of ever coming home!

    • JTC

      Scott to the Senate?

      By virtue of razor-thin contested, delayed counts (made Iowa look like pros) for Scott over a lifelong 2nd gen radical leftist and DeSantis over an avowed provably corrupt socialist mayor…both with a push from DT.

      As I referenced above no guarantee even Trump can keep Flarduh out of the cheating conniving leftist commie grasp going forward.

      • Punta Gorda

        Obviously you mean S Florida. They have a mean case of stupid running rampant down there. Example; How is it a good idea to hide from the police in a bayou?

        (The gator found him)

        • JTC

          Mostly the bottom right coast counties yeah. But some heavy pockets of the stupid around the Mouse, the left coast at St. Pete, and of course the big “academia” centers at Gainesville and Tallahassee…in fact the commie would-be gov in ’18 was the mayor of Tallahassee, a teeming OTW gov/college town smack in the middle of some of the most redneck country in the USA.

          Just like in the rest of the country, the map runs heavily red, but those teeming shithole cities have the bodies to wag the dog, and damn near did in that election.

  • Hotrod Lincoln

    Had to be a dummycrap- – – – -did the gator die of food poisoning?


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