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  • WayneM

    Nice looking VAG; no doubt about it. I wouldn’t mind taking a ride in it myself. Maybe take it out to the mountains and have a picnic… talk about the first thing that pops up… that sort of thing.

    • AlexJ

      Pretty in PINK, no?

      • WayneM

        Absolutely, AlexJ.

        The more I think about it, the idea of a drive into the bush would be wonderful… maybe take a trip to the backcountry while I’m at it.

  • bob in houston

    can’t be seen driving a pink APC!, can’t be seen driving a pink APC!

      • Bill M

        Titan missile site silo covers used to be painted Desert Tan (750 ton steel and concrete sliding door). Probably looked pretty good in Arizona. Looked passable in Kansas. Looked really out of place in Arkansas where I pulled crew duty. We called it ‘T*tty Pink.’

    • RooftopVoter

      Bob, pink is all the better to bring the Illegals out…….. Think about it, they would think the ‘Gubment is there to save them……… 😉

    • JTC

      Bob, you channeling ol’ Wade?

      He’d probably wait for dark to take that thing out, like he did the Barbie ‘Vette.

      For sure he’s spinning in the grave at the sight of it. :[

  • Tim Moyer

    Yano, Sometimes you get back from a day at the range, a good one,while trying out a new Sig also. And check the news and head over here…and Wham, just puts a smile on my face, sit back in the chair and feel good about things for a bit. Chris, thanks! 🙂

  • Big Jim

    Man, Nikolai grew up FAST…

  • Southpaw

    Finally, we found something safe to drive down the street in the South side of Chicago!

    • Old Codger

      There used to be a part of San Antonio where I’m not sure I would have felt safe going into after dark in something as flimsy as a mere APC – too lightly armored. Not even sure I’d feel totally safe in a Bradley although the 20 mike mike auto cannon would have been nice. Nope If I had to go in there after dark I want to be riding in the latest mark of Abrams or a Brit Chieftain.

      Funny thing, in ’68 they threw a world’s fair here (remember world’s fairs?) and they sited the danged thing right across the street from that area that I was talking about earlier. We residents wondered how it was gonna work having all those visitors across the street from Victoria Courts. Somehow it did and if there were any “incidents” they didn’t make it into the media. Course the mayor at the time could’ve given John Daley lessons in controlling a city. Nothing in the slightest bit unflattering to San Antonio ever made it into the media while W.W. McAllester ran ruled city hall. He even had M-16s issued to SAPD. Imagine what a dozen or two M-16s would do to a crowd. “Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves, 😉

  • Pamela

    Where are the sparklies? That APC is not properly accented.
    It needs to shine

    • Greg B

      Maybe they can bedazzle the turret.

    • Eaglerising

      Maybe tassels on the blackout lights

      • Pamela

        Oh! Oh! Maybe Chris can put some tail art on it like the WII Fighter Planes

        • Swansonic

          Add some spinning rims of middle fingers. Chromed, of course…

        • GWB

          Would definitely be art about tail…….

        • PaulS

          Wouldn’t that be tell tail nose art?

          • Pamela

            Maybe a side business for custom plane art or would that not be allowed by all the heinous rules and regs these days.

  • Chris Muir

    By the way, I do read every comment and every email.I can’t answer them all, but I do APPRECIATE them all.:)

    • Hardball

      Keep up the good work, Mr Muir.

    • Bill G

      We appreciate your work!

      • Bill G

        And the way that the devil is in de-tails.

  • Steve_1066

    Cary Grant ‘drove’ a pink submarine … Love that movie still, he did exasperated so very well!

    • eon

      During the war, the Royal Navy had ships in the Med painted that color and equipped with “Yehudi Lights”, lights on the superstructure that could be brightened or dimmed as needed.

      The destroyers they had set up like that made life a nightmare for Italian subs and the odd German U-boat in the area. They could literally sit with the sunrise or sunset behind them, watching the subs on the surface charging their batteries, and be totally unnoticed until they opened fire.

      The color, BTW, was called “Mountbatten Pink”. It was concocted by then-Captain Lord Louis Mountbatten, later Lord Mountbatten of Burma, and the last British Viceroy of India at the end of the Raj.

      Among his other accomplishments, Mountbatten was a talented landscape artist, and as such knew what colors were hardest to see against a sunrise or sunset.



  • I came within inches of buying a OT-64 SKOT:
    I figured that I could rent it out for Prom Night and weddings.
    Hey, I live in Georgia, it’d work!
    But permissions from the government were too expensive to be worth it.

    In other news, the confirmation hearings have begun, grab some popcorn!

    “Democrats plan to use the hearings to highlight Mr. Trump’s more controversial positions and elicit commitments from his top officials to follow established policies.”
    Whistling in the dark, Morons!
    If the American people had wanted the government to “follow established policies”, we would have elected Ma Barker.
    Did Obama’s cabinet follow existing the existing policies of the Bush administration, hmmmm?
    Damned sound-bite soldiers.

    • Old Codger

      Doesn’t matter what they do or don’t do. That crafty barstid, Harry Reid, effectively killed the filibuster. Now if Trumps people have done their homework and found where the RINOS have stashed their skeletons . . .

    • Mort

      Love the comments from the link to the Amphib APC;

      “The devil runs the DMV in Georgia”

      ” A little more to the right” etc.

  • JTC

    Mary Kay, border edition.

  • A pink APC. My kind of tactical unit.

  • Noelegy

    Anyone who’s read or seen “Sophie’s Choice” knows about the Pink Palace, the boarding house painted pink by the late Sol Zimmerman because he got a great deal on pink desert camouflage paint.

    • Old Codger

      I never saw that flick. Damned if I’ll see it now. No way I’ll watch anything with Streep in it. Or that dame from “How To Get Away With Murder” either, for that matter.

      • Norm

        In the movie, she’s saying other peoples’ words. Not her own.

      • Arkelk

        Maybe it’s available at the library to borrow? That way there’s no fee for a share of which to get back to her.

  • JTC

    Being mindful of who/what this last wave of Obama invaders largely consists of, they might want to do a quick retrofit and go full MRAP.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Zed has ALWAYS been in the driver’s seat. It just didn’t have 6 wheels.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    “Fire at will. Fire for effect.”

    • JSStryker

      What did Will do to get shot at? LOL!

  • The Farewell Speech was tonight. The drooling by reporters was quite painful to watch. It is sad when empty promises turn drek into some sort of messianic glob.
    Fare thee well away from here, derp.
    Moving on now.

    • Old Codger

      Don’t start celebrating just yet. There are still 10 days yer before The Donald is sworn in. It’s still possible for enough people to get rowdy (or at least enough for the LSM to make it LOOK like a whole lot of people are getting rowdy) enough to give Dear Leader an excuse to declare a national state of emergency and impose martial law. In such an instance Obozo’s sense of duty would constrain him to remain in office “for the duration.

    • Pamela

      I didn’t watch that latest episode of self administered masturbation pornography. Some things are better done in private.

      • Thundercloud65

        I’m glad I wasn’t drinking my coffee when I read what you just wrote. 🙂

        • Pamela

          What else could it be called. Nothing is ever good or great enough for him. He’s the “It has to be perfect” person.
          Perfect perfection is a pipe dream from poppy clouds of fragrant smoke.

          • Thundercloud65

            It was funny to me because I’d been thinking along the same lines but could not adequately express it in words. You said it perfectly.

    • WayneM

      Has anyone heard whether The 0ne is planning to pardon all of his cronies before he’s finally punted outta the Oval Office?

      • Pamela

        Who knows who will get pardoned for their law breaking and nefarious deeds on his behalf.

  • They wouldn’t believe it was real until it ran over them.

  • Bill

    With that pink they can sure see you coming.

    • Pamela


      I had to clean my monitor and keyboard off thank you very much.
      Plus my side hurts from laughing

  • Christopher Cole

    That vehicle is not an APC. It looks like a six-wheeled variant of the Cadillac-Gage V-100 Scout Car.

    • JTC

      Lot of leeway on what constitutes an APV; even the MRAPs I mentioned above qualify.

      And for the sake of the Republic, let’s hope the pretty black ones (what do they use these days, Caddies? Suburbans?) that will snake down PA Ave. in a few weeks qualify as well; for sure there won’t be any ragtops and I don’t think anybody will be hoofing it.

      • Christopher Cole

        The V-100 is not armored, been in one patrolling Udorn RTAFB, it is a scout car and is not intended to transport personnel. There is space only for the crew and the assigned fighting troops, less than a squad – four as I remember.

        • John

          Armored is also a flexible term. The V-100 can turn most small arms and shell fragments but a .50 BMG or even small arms using sabot-type AP type ammo will punch through one side and maybe out the other.

        • JTC

          CC, certainly not questioning your knowledge of and specs and purpose, just pointing out that so much of this materiel has been armored up (lots of that right in the zone I think I remember reading) and repurposed to the point that a lot of vehicles that started as something else can easily be called Armored Personnel Carriers or even Mine Resistant Ambush Protected. As I recall this pretty pink thing was um…abandoned at the ranch by DHS. No doubt it could take the light weapon fire that Chris mentioned here as-is, but pretty likely it’s been retrofit with some plate and carrying capacity…so I think it’s safe and fair to call it what Sam did here regardless of its actual original nomenclature.

          • Christopher Cole

            Yeah, you are probably right. I haven’t kept up with armored cars, I prefer aircraft. But unless they up-engined it it cannot carry much armor. A crew of two and four in the back with all the M-16s & ammo was its limit back then for Air Force patrol usage. The ones with the MG turret probably didn’t carry anyone other than the gunner in back along with a LOT more ammo

  • Bill G

    Think pink!
    Works for me, as does Victory Against Gummint. (And Bejabbers, but how many times do I have to tell this laptop to add gummint to the dictionary?)

  • Six wheels I thought it was an Old V 100 at first. Thought it Might be a LAV, but those have 8 wheels Thanks Chris, now I am going to have to find out what the Pink VAG is based on

    • Christopher Cole

      There have been variants of the V-100 with 6 wheels, some of those variants dating back 40+ years.

  • Grape

    All p*ssy is pink – trust me, I wouldn’t lie.

    • Pamela

      Actually more of a dusky rose after

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