Day By Day


  • Steve H

    Great – Skye has voices in her head.
    (Why not, I suppose. There’s plenty of room.)

    • She doesn’t seem to be using it for much else…

    • noncom

      That little conversation Skye had with herself in her head sounds more like scheming to me, than any rationalization….

      • Kafiroon

        Yeah. None of us ever think things we know are wrong and then stop ourselves. We all have a problem with things we think and cannot/should not say. My favorite in certain times is to say: “I’m censoring my comment until I get a PC one.”

        • JTC

          Yep, that’s conscience, as sometimes illustrated with the devil whispering in one ear and the angel in the other.

          Glad Skye’s angel is starting to win a few of those debates.

    • GWB

      Sometimes the voices in your head are really just your own voice echoing in the emptiness. 😉

  • JTC

    Not shocking to me, I have believed she is sincere all along. Won’t be easy. Old habits die hard, especially bad ones. But this is a good start.

    Love her outfit too. Classy, conservative, but still dead sexy.

    • Grunt GI

      I think so too. It will be fun to watch. And, actually I think the tats could have stayed. Helps with recce in the dark.

      But yes, she is darn cute in that outfit. Maybe she’ll go back to waitressing in the DDQ. Think how much fun she and Sam can have with the customers now. 🙂

      After all, the most ardent conservatives are often reformed liberals.

      • JTC

        Maybe, but I hate those things* on a young woman; it would ruin the class and innocence of her new look IMO.

        And after what happened before, it’ll be on Skye to sound off when she senses incoming in the dark, and on Z to confirm target before launch.

        Maybe a little heart with his name on the left breast when Mr. Right comes along. Or, if he’s twisted like me, on the left cheek. Because, y’know…Assman.

    • WayneM

      As much as Skye has shown poor judgment and near toxic selfishness in the past, hope springs eternal for her redemption. Even Jan still backslides occasionally and I expect Skye 2.0 has a steep learning curve before she can be counted on as reliable… but then who would we have as a foil?

  • Pamela

    Skye you idiot. It doesn’t work that way.

    • JTC

      Ya think? Seems vaguely Biblical;

      A disturbance in the cosmos, a flickering of sun, moon, and stars…

      A Revelation?

  • JIMV

    Let me see if I understand this story line. Sister, in a moment of confusion, gets groped. Sister is unexpected and unwelcome guest. Groper spanks wife in a fit of Alfa Male pique for not telling hubie…and…wife is guilty or sister is guilty but groper and spanker is blameless…

    very odd thinking

    • CPQA

      No. Not really. Just requires a little what if, questioning.

      What if Sam had asked permission for Skye to come back, and had gotten, reluctant permission?

      Would the aforementioned groping had occurred?

      Would the resultant spanking have taken place?

      If the answers you receive from your temporal lobe are both no, then it stands to reason that since Sam did not ask permission nor talk about it with Zed, nor was he informed that Skye pulls look copycat games under stress, it is reasonable to conclude that since Zed assumed that the only person with that hair on the ranch was his wife, he could initiate some fun times.

      Moreover, because he was not informed, and the resulting mess, caused by her unwisely attempting “better to ask forgiveness (or in this case bribe with sex), than ask permission” was unwise, and effected her spanking.

      I hope that last paragraph comes across as it sounds a little torturous in my head.

      • JIMV

        The ‘resulting mess’ is mostly silliness, not unlike the ‘Russians, Russians everywhere’ silliness. It is only a ‘mess’ if one buys into the poor affronted male argument. A real male would simply apologize to Sky for a minor misadventure and then ask his wife ‘whats up?’…Not going on an angst filled spanking tantrum…Good heavens, he is portrayed as little more than an somewhat violent fellow with a tattered ego. He could be a democrat demonstrator.

        • ‘A real male’? sounds like what a woman would write.

          • JIMV

            No, just anyone who remembers a time long ago when gentlemen did not hit women. Think about it as the difference between the Roundheads and the Cavaliers. Just because men CAN hit women does not mean they SHOULD.

            Anyway, the thread is moving on

        • Bren

          And were the situations reversed, would you apply the same tack? Or would you be all about ‘how could the evil man not consult his loving wife before making vasty life changes!’

          The paddle swings both ways. The fact that the male of the species punishes in direct fashion while the female of the species tortures for eons rather than take direct action is a facet of biology, not morality.

          In a marriage, you work as a team, and when one team member thinks they’re a solo act, they get what they deserve.

        • Jeps

          That would be the mature thing to do, rather than an infantile show of physical domination – «you hurt my feelings so I will remind you I can hurt you for real».

          This isn’t fully over, I think. But as it stands, I actually have contempt for Zed (immature, abusive, overly dramatic), and pity for Sam (as I would any spouse who takes physical abuse and just rationalizes it).

          But we’ll see. Chris has surprised me before.

          • Rox

            Surely Jeps is not a real human. Perhaps it’s Chris in antagonist drag.

          • Deplorable B Woodman

            I’d hate to see your children when grown. Never been spanked, spoiled brats, etc.

          • LowKey

            You’re still missing it and you keep trying to make it out as if the spanking was about hurt “feelings”.
            It was about respect, trust, and boundaries being broken as well as a statement about behaving like a child and thus being treated like a child. It was a serious breach of trust and respect and warranted a serious, memorable, and unequivocal response that such was unacceptable to the utmost degree.
            Had Zed made an equivalent screw up I’d expect Sam to give him equivalent treatment and you wouldn’t hear a peep of protest from me or I wager the majority of men here.

            You’ve mentioned here a time of two that if your husband had done the same as Zed under similar circumstance that you’d have shot him.

            Let me mention things:

            1- You’d go to jail.
            To meet the legal standard for self defense the threat of death or grievous injury has to be credible. Two swats with a ping-pong paddle isn’t going to do that with any prosecutor or jury. Absent something other than two paddle shaped red marks on your ass to show as damage when the police show up you are going to go to jail, followed by prison, for the same reason that I can’t shoot a much larger burly guy just for shoving me.

            2- If two swats with a ping-pong paddle would prompt you to kill your husband in response it calls into question both the health of your relationship and your sense of proportion and judgment. After all, your statements were the result of reading a comic, goodness knows how much more volatile your response would be in the heat of the moment.
            The first indicates marriage counseling might be in order, the second counseling for anger issues. . If you were serious in your statement about shooting your husband for smacking you on the ass with a ping-pong paddle you need to sit down with a professional and work through why you think injured pride and hurt feelings would justify killing someone whom you profess to love. While I think it still might be excessive for two swats with a paddle, divorcing him would be a more reasonable response if your found it to be something that ended your ability to trust him or continue the relationship.

            3- It’s the snowflake crowd that decides courses of action based solely on “feelz’. As I mentioned above, if you think wounding your pride and hurting your feelings justifies killing someone….
            What do you do if your husband playfully slaps you on the ass when walking past you? Break his arm? Pepper spray? Tazer? Wait until he’s asleep and sever his penis in retaliation?

            Take anything else I’ve posted whichever way you like, but the suggestion to seek counseling is made seriously and in all candor and without intending any insult, slight, or offense.

          • Jeps

            Deplorable B.
            And you’re highlighting the issue; a grown woman is not a child for a man to «correct». Any attempts from a man to employ force against a grown woman to «discipline» her or to make a show of dominance or whatevet, warrants her employing self defence.

          • JTC

            And another threat of murder.

            This pod said it’s in Idaho but spells defense with a “c”, so it may be canuckian or euro, more indication that it’s a troll, or maybe there’s a connection between illiteracy and insanity.

            If it’s furrin, those places don’t like proles to have defense handguns and take mental infirmity for possessing one very seriously, if it’s real they should look into these threats and disarm it before hubby slips up and gets perforated or somebody cuts it off in traffic and is hunted down and smashed up for it. Hate to sacrifice hubby but like LK said, they’ll lock it up forever if it croaks him but hey, that car it chases down and wrecks might be full of innocent kids, and when it tries to retaliate for some slap or snub in prison it’ll get put out of its and our misery promptly.

            It’s a menace if its real. But it’s probably a bot. Or eurotrash. Redundant.

          • Kafiroon

            I had been thinking of origins also. Considering most females in on-line role playing games are 40+ year old fat men….

    • Interventor

      Wife got two swats, period, for not mentioning she let a snake in the house. Skye is thinks bring up the unintended fondle will gain sympathy from Sam. Don’t go there, Skye, it would result in you hitchhiking down a lonely Texas road, sans kids.

      • Fox2!

        I believe that Zed mentioned it to Sam as he had her in a compromised position. Of course, Skye doesn’t know that. Yet.

      • LowKey

        You may not have noticed but Skye caught herself reasoning along those lines, stopped and told herself it was BS, and based on her brief internal dialog sharply reprimanded herself for slipping.
        Other than herself there’s no audience inside her head, so I’d say this attempt to change her ways is pretty legitimate. No guarantee of success, but the attempt is real, and I hope they do their best to help her down this road.

  • Daniel in Brookline

    Things are looking interesting. Must see where this goes.

    Mr. Muir, your ability to keep us guessing remains sharp! (Likewise your ability to craft characters that we care about — perhaps in spite of ourselves…)

  • KenH

    Oh yeah
    I’m TOTALLY wrong about the miserable SKANK

    • WayneM

      You’re losing your touch… you forgot to demand a painful death for Skye…

      Thou doth protest too much, methinks.

  • formwiz

    I don’t see too many American women, as opposed to womyn, asking hubbo’s permission the way Sam puts it.

    It would be phrased differently and the conditions would be Different.

    This will not end well.

  • Ultracon

    Is the art changing? Hope not.

    • Chris Muir

      Ultra,you always ask the same question.The art morphs over time.

      • Ultracon

        Well, not always, but your strip, your art, I still will follow avidly each and every day and sneak peaking late at night for the next day’s episode. Not being an “arty” person I don’t understand, but that’s OK. The strip has come a long, long way from the engineering firm and in my humble opinion I thought the art was perfect over the last year or so. My top two sites are you and Breitbart, everything else is useless.

        • wait til u see what’s coming up in June,heh

          • Pamela

            be still my beating heart. coming up sounds really good 😉

          • Ultracon

            Only a couple of days away!!!!! It’s like Christmas!

  • Lonny Bridges

    And I STILL question what she was doing in Zed’s bedroom, in the dark, with him asleep……..

    • JTC

      And you STILL haven’t shown/referenced when/where that happened.

    • PaulS

      I think they were outside in the dark, hence the “pop” and Zeds (walking away) laughter, and subsequent confusion when finding Sam already in the kitchen.

  • Z-man51

    Not just no, but HELL NO!!! Sam and Zed need to pack up Skye and her two rugrats and send them to some place far, far away. Skye’s thoughts in the first panel show she still has the femanazi libtard mindset deeply ingrained in her brain. Her first thoughts when the question of blame comes up is she is the injured party even though her actions were directly responsible for Zed’s actions. But no, in a libtard’s mind their actions are as pure as newly driven snow regardless of the consequences.
    Skye and her offspring show up without Sam,’s or Zed’s knowledge, has knowingly changed her appearance to match her sister’s especially in the dark (and yes, all cats look the same in the dark) and is offended when Zed acts in a male chauvinist pig way that two truly equal partners in a loving relationship/marriage act. The act of “freeing” her breats was not sexual, but a playful way of telling Sam to get herself together and start on supper.
    Zed’s actions after finding out his femanazi libtard sister in law has quietly invaded his “castle”and tricked him into an action that is repugnant to his values and mores. In his mind the actions of both his wife and her sister has in effect, has him “cheating” on his wife. His “OCD-like” washing of his hands to get the stain of adultery shows how deeply he felt betrayed by Sam’s inaction by not telling him of Skye’s arrival. Zed feels so betrayed by Sam’s actions that in order to get the stain out of his mind he must show by physical actions how deeply he was hurt. Thankfully, after only two paddles his rational mind took over and he was able to convey to Sam his hurt in words.
    So who is at fault for this situation? Zed for his actions after learning of the betrayal, Sam for not telling Zed of her sisters arrival or Skye for her unannounced moving in? All three are guilty in their own ways, but Skye is the truly guilty party. Her actions are those of an individual who truly believes all others must change to meet her requirements. Sound familiar? It’s the libtard mindset of only I know what is good for you, therefore you must do as I wish. Nope, the thoughts show the true beliefs of a person, as words can be as meaningless as the wind. There’s a bad moon arising.

    • But she didn’t, she took the blame on herself and didn’t drop dime. She actually may have had “the awakening”. I think this is what Chris is showing us. Saul to Paul.

      • Browncoat

        I’m with you. There should be hope and redemption available to everyone. Forgive but never forget. If not, why are we even here?

    • JTC

      Dude, you should be a lpop psychologist. Or get one.

      May the real Z-Man please stand up?

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Cautious acceptance of Skye at this moment….with room for future evaluation as needed. Maybe an old Libtard CAN learn new tricks.

    I’m thinking of Mike Vanderboegh (rest his soul) who went from ardent communist to more ardent conservative.

  • As I just replied to Z, Saul to Paul. She has now gone down that road to Damascus, and found the light.

  • Bren

    Gonna be a rocky road. Redemption is a long, hard road, filled with backslides. If the effort is constant, the goal is achievable. Let’s hope she doesn’t give up, and that she puts in enough effort to gain a bit of slack for the backslides.

  • Well, Skye, there’s always the good Deputy.
    Depends on if he feels like taking a chance.

  • cz93x62

    Skye is looking rather attractive. Of course, western diamondback rattlers are attractive in their own way, as well. Jury is out, for now. I still think Skye is a consummate traviesa, but we shall see.

  • JoAnn

    I just went back to the first comic in this series, the grope in the dark, and red the story thru to here. It flows really well that way, and is more understandable and cohesive.
    Sam did wrong and was being eaten up with guilt. She tried sex to bribe him for forgiveness but still would have known she was at fault. With two swats she was crying and asking forgiveness, and being given it- with a warning about future choices on her part, and a bad (fun!) pun reference to Clue to show all was healed between them.
    AKA, Sam got a clue from the whole experience. Good to see that even she can make mistakes and learn from them.

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    ….And the Adventure continues….. I think Wade’s ghost oughta weigh in, sometime…

    • Delilah T.

      Yes, indeed. I’ve been askin’ for Wade. Glad there’s another voice in this besides mine.

  • Neil Frandsen

    Hmmmm. When Voting, and Womens’ Rights, were combined, I suddenly remembered that my home town had one of The Famous Five living there, in the days… She was also a member of the WCTU (as was my maternal Grandmother), and the biographies hint strongly of a very strong will, and superb communication skills.
    I saw examples of folk shouting past each other, in Real Life, as well as in various Posts, herein. Yes, it is very hard to step back, shut up, and actually _think_ about what is said, instead of reacting to what my personal hot buttons insist that I heard (or read), due to filtering via my Hot Buttons!
    During my working in the field years, I got used to remembering that I ‘spoke’ Higher Surveying Dialect, when communicating with fellow survey crew members. When I foregot to provide ‘translations’, the HSD-use caused bad communication of information, and a New Hire got that blank look on his/her face, while trying to process a BigfootComment that was heavily laden with SurveyorSpeak words.
    I also commend Chris for the words & pictures that got a tough idea across, and surprised many of us into actually thinking about the Memes we follow, instead of actually thinking about several seemingly contradictory positions.

  • ContrarianView

    “A real male…”? Who substitutes that for the correct noun (“man”) other than feminazis and snowflakes? Was that written while wearing a Romphim?

    Meanwhile, it’s Memorial Day. I plan to set up a Table for One at work, to remind the customers.

  • Dread

    Nice dream sequence for Sam, with what appears to be more lessons to come, adding to the points already made. Chris Muir is a genius story teller.

    • MudMarine

      See, this why we need ‘like’ buttons!

  • Jrod

    Wow, lively conversation as some have commented. I needed to get to this point in the arc to figure out what was going on. But I am there now… as someone mention, lions when the light turns on, become staunch consertives.. I wonder if the other way around happens…

  • Halley

    Rooting for the New Skye. Such a tragedy when such beautiful bodies are wasted on unthinking “progressive” minds…

  • idahobob

    Send Skye and her two brats down the road. Period!


    • Delilah T.

      Wrong. Keep the kids and bring them up to think with their whole brains, not just the amygdala.

  • 'treHammer

    I don’t know, I kinda liked the old Skye story arc…that being said…I trust CM…

  • PaulS

    Reality check: Sam “assumed the position” voluntarily! Come what may.

    Kinda puts the kibosh on the “dominating force” contentious objectors.

  • GWB

    While I think LowKey had a good response to Jeps, I think there’s two other factors at work.

    The first factor is that I would guess Jeps is a victim of abuse, herself. Part of the damage done by abuse is the tainting of everything around that abuse. Everything is colored by that experience.

    The second is (possibly as a result of abuse) that Jeps has a flawed premise in her principle. The last couple of days, a lot of folks have agreed with the principle “never hit a lady”, and even more with the “never strike a woman unless you have an extremely good reason.” Note the caveats in those principles. They either designate an exception or a category into which some women won’t fit. Most grand principles have an exception like that, since they envision every situation won’t be the same.
    The flawed premise in Jep’s principle is that there is nothing a woman can do (I presume short of shooting the man) that would ever justify striking her. There is no categorical exception in her principle. It’s the same as a pacifist – there is no reason ever to use violence. In the end it’s a suicide pact – both the pacifist and Jeps’ absolutist position.

    I honestly think Sam would have preferred Zed talk it out. But she also understands (as evidenced by her guilt over the whole thing) how upset he made him by defying his will (she can’t ever et foot here again). She’s not happy with the spanking (I don’t think), but she knows she deserved it. (And that’s where Jep is really disagreeing with others – she doesn’t think Sam could ever deserve it.)

    Enough of my ranting.
    Thanks, Chris, for an episode to make us think.

  • Grunt GI

    As we debate couples therapy, crazy relatives, and life in general, we should remember those who gave us the right to do so and enjoy awesome DBD artwork.

    “But in a larger sense, we can not dedicate we can not consecrate we can not hallow this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember, what we say here, but can never forget what they did here.

    It is for us, the living, rather to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they have, thus far, so nobly carried on. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain; that this nation shall have a new birth of freedom; and that this government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

    I’m going to tilt a glass and say a prayer for fallen shipmates and classmates today.

    Y’all have a safe and blessed Memorial Day.

    USNA ’87
    P-3 NFO
    Desert Storm

    • SheepDog

      As a retired USAF Vietnam Veteran, I totally agree and add AMEN. N5VZK signing off.

      • MudMarine

        Retired USMC VietNam Veteran agreeing

        • John D. Egbert

          Retired Navy Viet Nam-era veteran — Ditto . . .

          • EagleRising

            Retired Army Viet Nam veteran — Raising a glass in agreement

    • GWB

      Concur. Well said. 🙂

    • Swansonic

      Amen GG. Attended a ceremony this morning. Gonna raise a glass during dinner.

      Many thanks to you all…..

    • Pamela

      As the descendant of members of The American Revolution and every war after the beginning, I thank my ancestors for their sacrifice.

    • Grunt GI

      Well done.

      • JTC

        Thank you. And thank you for your service GGI.

  • Chris Muir

    Jeps IP was a troll.Banned.

    • Grunt GI

      A troll?!?

      Shocked, shocked I am.

    • Pamela

      Thank you Good Sir.

    • JTC

      Like I said upthread, I figured that. Too many triggers (heh) and clues designed to caricature and criticize RKBA. But it was miserably unsuccessful at that and had quite the opposite effect on its agenda I think.

      And fun, as irony and good come-uppance usually is. 🙂

    • Unca Walt

      Summonabenchin’ fargin bastige. Jepsa, you cork soaker! Ima gonna rip offa you arms and shove ’em uppa you ice-a-hole!


  • Pat*

    Dear Mr. Muir,
    Please send me Email. It bothers me that so many of my comments go down a black hole. I would like to know what is allowable and not allowable in your comment threads. I would also like to introduce myself and be able to reassure you that I am a real commenter. (The last time I remember writing to you was regarding a see-through dress that Sam wore to the opera.) I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Chris Muir

      Pat, the only rule I have is what seems right to me.I haven’t time to curate, to be honest.Most commenters fall within that spectrum, so it’s up to you to learn why certain comments are trashed.Usually it’s attacking other commenters, or me, or trolling.Or it could be I just don’t like it.Nothing personal, this site is for fun for all, and conversation and anything that I think detracts goes away.Keep at it, and have fun- it’s just a cartoon!

      • Pat*

        If attacking other commenters is frowned upon, I am at a loss to know why some of the comments directed at me were acceptable.

  • Pamela

    Per my comment above about it not working that way regarding Skye changing her aura from negative to positive here is a bit of information.

    I’ve had aura pictures taken. All came out different as a person’s aura can shift colors in the matter of hours or can remain fairly constant. A person can be clearly seen in the picture or they can be just an outline within a mass of color.

    Zed-you’d better be checking the wiring. Sounds like there are critters.

    • JTC

      The only real ghost is the Holy One.

      The only real magic is God’s.

      The only real aura is your soul and only He can see it.

      Others who claim to see or reveal it are charlatans and blasphemers.


    • GWB

      Maybe those critters are out on the range, messing with the power line. And maybe they’re two-legged.

    • Kafiroon

      I enjoy your comments Pamela, as I am sure many of us do.
      I was called an iconoclast in school, but then blasphemer probably didit.
      Now I am just a rabble rouser.

      • JTC

        Hey! I’m rousing the rabble in this thread!

        To be clear I “know” enough about Miz P to unequivocally say she’s no blasphemer, but all of us have to guard against them. And spend forty years behind a pawn counter and you’ll see pretty much every flavor of charlatan there is so that you can smell them coming a mile away. People who can “read” your aura are just new-age high-tech versions of the Roma palmreaders that have been around for centuries. Again, IMHO. 😉

        • Pamela

          Considering at one time I was going to be a Nun and was later told I was no longer worthy of God’s love or grace, I’ve kept an open mind when it came to other belief systems. I know there are shysters in every religion and outright violent idiocy in some.
          Faith and Belief can be uplifting or strangling.

          • JTC

            Glad you bailed on that gig…way too many charlatans as I said above substituting their judgement for God’s…not worthy of God’s love or grace? As Him directly about that.

            I think He has a special place in hell for the evil bitches who told you that, but ultimately as I said they did you a favor.

            But don’t let that shake your faith and belief in The One And Only belief system. That’s not keeping an open mind, it’s just a lie and a trap. TOAO ain’t always easy but it will -always- lift you up.

          • GWB

            None of us are worthy of God’s grace. It’s why it’s called “grace”. But He most certainly does look upon you with love and a desire to call you His own. No nunnery required. 🙂

      • Pamela

        Thank you Kafiroon. Rabble-rouser would have been a compliment when I was in school.

    • Delilah T.

      I’ve seen healthy auras, glowing, live and vibrant, auras of inanimate objects (black, dead matter) such as books, and the crimson red aura of a candle flame. It’s an energy field, that’s all.

      Science and physics can explain away a lot of things, but as Greg Maddox has said, it can’t explain stars moving of their own volition, nor can it explain odd occurrences such as instantly knowing when someone you cared about has died, or why a long lost pet can find its way to you even if you moved.

      That part of us – intuitive knowledge that makes the hard, tangible world less annoying – is and has been suppressed in a lot of people, especially in children.

      • JTC

        People have souls, intuition, and innate powers and abilities we can’t fathom. Animals have instinct. All of it God-given, and yes we can attune to it.

        But those who claim to attune, read, decipher it for you? Gypsies, tramps, and thieves, same as it ever was.

        Most preachers fit the charlatan mold too…don’t need some blow-dried intermediary to talk to God. We all have a direct line to Him, our soul (aura), and all the other innate spiritual gifts He gave us to work with.

        I’m fond of saying (and had it as my “about” blurb on the former blog),
        “I believe in God, church not so much, and America, gov not so much, but I repeat myself.”

        I think that makes me an iconoclast too. That’s just healthy skepticism.


      • Pamela

        Delilah ~some the women in my Dad’s family are considered to be fey.
        Me included. I learned as a child not to ask if someone was sick. I knew my best friend’s son was dying the moment I saw him in the hospital even though it wouldn’t happen for months.

  • Halley

    “And if it’s not fun, what’s the point?” – PDT
    regarding (just about) everything

  • Chris Muir

    I knew I was going to be a slacker since I was six.

  • Pamela

    For those who have gone

    In the Sepulcher’s shadow
    I find flowers dried at the base
    In the breeze, blown memories
    scatter with my entrance
    will my touch bring you back
    warm you from the cold
    grief’s been my undoing
    I’ve shed so many stone tears
    That flowers grew without care
    will your breath combine with mine
    kisses mingled among endearments spoken
    with legs and arms entwined
    is there too much in asking
    Fate’s return of you to me

    • Driftwood


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