Day By Day


  • Eric F

    The ladies are half-Japanese, so they have it made. Well, until the mob targets them …

    • Bill G

      Given the chance a mob will go until only one is left standing.
      Which, incidentally, is what would happen if islam were to win; they would congratulate each other for about 30 minutes and then start killing each other.

      • Paladin

        ISIS already is. If you are not Mooselimb enough, they kill you.

  • Who they gonna hunt, hate, hustle, and blame when we’ve all been culled?

    Trick question, they’ll be dead of starvation three days after we’re gone.

  • John M

    Sam and Skye are half Japanese, Jan is Hispanic (and ??? I don’t remember any storyline on her mother)

    My old eyes – is that Zed, Sam, or Wade behind Jan?

    • Chris Muir


  • Cliff

    Things will get worse. I wouldn’t be surprised to see gangs of 50 or more armed thugs hitting soft targets like shopping centers in the suburbs. 7 billion people in the world and a lot are unhappy with their lot in life.

  • SKU

    spot on!

  • Bruce A. Frank


    Chris, I have missed this mayoral comment about culling whites. Do you have a link?

    • interventor

      Chicago won that title.

  • Bill

    And it goes without saying,

    Everything’s up to date in Kansas City
    They’ve gone about as fer as they kin go…..

  • Kevin M

    Return to Manzanar.

    • Kevin M

      Actually, Farewell, not Return, but I’m old and can’t remember my last meal.

  • Bill G

    The last lap – aye, therein lies the rub…

  • Fine, all the whites need to move out of the city. Then put up roadblocks. I’m so sick of this racism bullshit, all the black, muslim, whoever, being upset with the white, Christian, whatever. Whoever you are, whatever you do, do it in your own compound. When you step out in public, just be a citizen of where you are. Be decent to one another and do your public business. Then go your ass home to your compound and believe as you will there.

  • NanGee

    We’re headed for the moon, Mars and beyond. Leave them here to their own devices.

    • Pamela

      Problem with that scenario is like wastrel relatives and Exes you avoid like the plague, they tend to show up anyway

  • Norm G

    Glad you included SPLC. I’ve been saying for years that they are one of the most racist, hate organizations around.

  • Bad Cyborg

    When I was stationed at McConnell Air Force patch (Wichita, KS) back in the 70s I always heard that Kansas was a great state to be from – not to live in, mind you, but to be from. Don’t look like it has gotten any better in the intervening decades.

    On the subject of being “culled”, this old man had no intention of going gentle into the collectivist’s “good night”. Got a semi-auto 7.62X51 and 2k rounds of M80 to make my point. Ain’t going to any “camp”, either. Reckon one of those plastic coffins FEMA’s been stockpiling has my name on it. I’ll damned sure do my damnedest to take as many of the bastards’ minions with me. You betcher ass I will!

    • cb

      No ‘camps’, although the locations are mostly real… think ‘trenches’.

    • B Woodman

      Die on my feet in a pile of corpses and empty brass.

  • billf

    Right there with you ,Cyborg,got a few thousand rounds for them,and the last bullet is for myself.

  • NotYetInACamp

    There is power in the right numbers.

    I see it right here.

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