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  • David E

    Va va vooom..and good tie in to the news.

    • SteveInCO

      You misspelled “nudes”

  • Boobie the Rocket Dog

    Why is Sam’s sister’s right leg atrophied?

    • Thomas

      Skye’s right leg is indeed skinnier than her left – that’s even accounting for the bit of clothing that is partially obscuring her left leg.

      Meh – would rather have seen Naomi. Sam is a welcome sight, though.

      • Chris Muir

        It’s farther back behind her,she’s stepping forward.

        • Unca Walt


          • rooftop voter

            I didn’t see any at first either……………..

    • PaulS

      Cuz she only stands on her left.

  • larry

    she is holding a piece of red clothing next to her leg…not atrophied.

  • Greg B

    Wait, your advertisers burned you?
    Or did you tell them to fuck off?

    • Chris Muir

      Google ads now won’t allow cleavage, much less images of guns or alcohol.So, I removed them.

      • Greg B

        Oh for fucks sake.

        • Greg B

          Google must just go catatonic over the terms I put in their search engine.

          • Grunt GI

            Heh, guns, booze, babes, and freedom.

      • SteveInCO

        Un-copulatin’ believable.

        I hate google.

      • Unca Walt

        Chris — Can you get ads from another search engine? Yahoo? Bing? Ask?

        • Chris Muir

          They all have the same Disneyland ‘family friendly’ terms now,however I have found one that might work,it’s an ad group, not a search engine,though.

          • Wes

            Do what you have to do; pretty discerning readership in general. So the Collaborator to the Leviathan can just fuck off.

      • Jess

        Sorry, no that’s not it. The NRA uses google ads, and google has advertisements for guns and for alcohol. They just have a problem with nudity. They explain it here:

        • Chris Muir

          Take a look, guys, I may have that wrong on guns and alcohol.On the other hand, I have heard of sites dropped for ‘promoting’ them. There’s what such powerful entities say, and what they actually practice that can be two different things-rather similar to ‘penumbras’ that just happen to work their way.

          • rooftop voter

            Chris, Google is just afraid of anyone with a pair…………

            The NRA may have a pair of nubs these days, but they aren’t the pair of bowling balls you have.

    • NotYetInACamp

      So google has submitted and is halal now!
      It figures.
      All part of their plan of submission.

      progressives and Muslims nudge nudge their way to domination, then just killing the infidels or useless to progressives.
      Why did I make that mistake of thinking like Germany that, like Germany, we had so many intelligent civilized people here that such idiocy could never gain such a foothold? That murderer Ayers would never gather more followers than Griffith. That the Communist goals would be laughed out of any consideration by their never having, and never will work.
      All was just a means to control. The achieving of such idiocy was and is only a temporary moment before the next attack on sanity began.

      One signpost in the war.

      As to the intermess. I live past the internet now. Unless (until) I get a satellite system, I only have brief moments of insecure contact. I dislike DISH and am uncertain of the others recommended. As of this time I do no secure transactions over the net. It seems that when everyone is asleep here the contact is a little better. The opening for contact jokes will be skipped.

      How every good decision that was possible has actually resulted in the worst decision and worst results leads to my conclusion that most in government and business are working for destruction, deceit, and raking cash off for themselves, and not as the system was intended. (But intended by who is justly asked. All likely is according to their plan. How are they doing for time? (RATEOTU reference, I hope happens)

  • capn

    And the tyrant-wannabe’s attempt to place yet another collar for the masses to wear.
    Political Correctness is Marxist mind wash. Resist -/VVV\- (my lame attempt at drawing the electrical symbol for “a resistor”.)

    Good on ya Chris for telling them to take a hike. I don’t have much, as you already know, but I can share what I do have and what I can make especially with those of like mind who are attempting to educate the sleeping giant.


    -/VVV\- I I I

    • Master Diver

      Resist we MUCH!

  • capn

    Well shucks … the comment programming didn’t leave the blank spaces between the resistor symbol and the three I’s.
    I’m sure most of you can read them anyway.

    These Prog idiots really don’t understand what it is that they are calling down on their own heads do they? {rhetorical question}

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    Gigaohms of Resistance!

    • John M

      Resistance is futile – ask any Borg… 😉

  • Well worth the contribution, Chris! Keep up the good work with DBD!

  • rwkuhn

    Nice cameltoes. Nothing lovelier on a healthy woman.

  • canuck49

    There is nothing like Full Frontal Nudity to stir the soul.

    Google can just Fuck Off

    • What canuck49 said! And a number of others. If google is going to have a problem with your strip, and the expression of the First Amendment as you do in this strip, well, here. Have another chunk from me toward the new year.

  • Grunt GI

    When did liberal logic become so skewed?

    Tobacco bad but pot good

    Nudity bad but severed heads don’t bother us

    Free speech is okay unless it offends me.

    Screw ’em

    Chris, love the liberty defiant artwork…in fact, I think there should be more…Jan and Naomi haven’t defied Google and Facebook yet!

    Very happy to see the fundraiser bar nearly complete..halfway through 2015 and things are looking up.

  • Dallas Halcomb

    Google can just pound sand. I’ve already convinced my company to drop Google Drive for MS OneDrive (GD, how appropos) so in celebration of that, I’ll just return to the “membership” page (yeah, I consider it a membership) and get another one.

  • Bill

    You’re kidding about the google ads. Right?

    • Chris Muir


      • Bill

        Hmmm an advertiser say like Macy’s that only wants to get served with certain content is one thing, but the actual delivery system saying it won’t allow certain advertisers to advertise or as you describe won’t let your content receive their ads seems a bit much. Considering the share of the market they control you’d think an antitrust case should be on tap. They operate in the nature of a common carrier and who can send and receive seems monopolistic.

  • Master Diver

    Just dumped Chrome off my hard drive and my phone. To the 9th Hell with them and all the other PC Dhimmis.—C’mon guys, lets push the funding over the top!

  • Chris Muir

    Note:If you’ve already donated this year, do not donate again, we’re getting some new ones in now, and y’all have done more than your share.:)

    • BlaxPac


      Bummer about the Google-Collective…But still, you can get ads from alternative Browser providers, correct?

      BTW, anyone that wants to show their displeasure, consider using alternatives to the Chrome browser, Google Search, G-Mail & use Ad-Blocking software as well.

      Call it: “Divestment”…Skye & the Progressive Mastodons should understand.

  • So…how does DBD respond to restraint of 1A, 2A, and censorship of T&A?

    With EIGHT PANELS of 1A and some big in your face (I wish) T&A AND P!

    Then with the featured GRAND OPENING of a Private Freedom Club that Doubles Down on ALL THREE! HELL yeah. Because you know it’s just a matter of time until keywords like prog, libtard and commie bastards will also trigger PC police action. FUCK them, and see you at the DD!

    (Don’t know if they’re actually any better, but I just wiped Google and downloaded Mozilla Firefox out of pure principle.)

    • BlaxPac

      For those looking for alternatives:


      Firefox (but, remember also?

      Comodo Ice Dragon (based on Firefox)



      DuckDuckGo: Very Popular, does NOT track your search terms.

      Ad Blockers:

      Ghostery –

      Cookie Crusher

      and you can get these programs from a good host site like or tucows.cows.

      Happy Independence Day weekend, Patriots!

      • B Woodman

        Not Firefox. They’re also part of the Gaystapo. I can’t find the references, but a year or two ago, they (the board of directors) of FF/Mozilla unceremoniously kicked out their recent Chairman (at the time) because he had, in the past, donated to a conservative (anti-gay?) movement.
        When I heard/read that, I immediately removed FF as my browser, and installed Chrome. (sigh) Now, you’re telling me, I’ve got to get rid of that, too. Netscape Navigator no longer exists, and IE (shudder). . . .

      • capn

        I’m in the market for a browser and an email handler.
        Currently using FF and gmail.

        If I am going to go through the hassle to switch both browser and email handler I don’t want to switch to FF lite (Comodo) I would like to switch completely away from the gaystapette and the entire PC-stazi network.
        So- – – I need suggestions on a browser.

        I was a hotmail user until I found that they regularly read the emails for “trigger words” guns, bomb, sex, nudity, war, army, a whole host of silly triggers.

        The Fourth is obviously no longer in fashion right along with the First and Second.

        -/VVV\- – – – I I I

  • RayNAiken

    I bet a former poster here that was banned squealed to Google. There is no shortage of assholes.

  • fastfission

    Chris, thank you for what you do. First time contributor to “this thing” you do so well. As a former Submariner in the Cold War (’65 – ’73), I spent 8 years of my life dedicated to defense against communism and I find we’re all now living in the nightmare we sought to eradicate. Your site speaks truth – and we hear you.
    Keep the merchandise, but I would like the Constitution bookmark. Thank you again.

  • 2ndSecuresTheRest

    Outstanding strip- just kicked in some more loot to help offset loss of SatanAds. Anybody have recommendations for other mail service to dump gmail for? How’s “”? I’m done with google, enough of this technazi crap.

  • Pamela

    Did the blouses finally come in for the uniforms?

    Since when does being family friendly allow for violating the First Amendment…

    • Chris Muir

      they will have blouses and dresses, the full getup for sure.

    • TheOldMan

      Just a slight note, 1A refers to “government” censorship, not company censorship. So Google is well within its rights to specify what it does and does not allow for its ads, just as we are within our rights not to use their products. I use Bing anyway as I am a MSFT shareholder and you know what Bing means: Bing Is Not Google!

  • interventor

    When the brown shirts were broken up, lower level gays joined the Gestapo (banned in SS). French called them gestapette. Tapette is nasty Frog for gays.

    • Ming the Merciless

      The founders of the nazi party were all leading members of the German pedophile network “The Wander Vogels”…the German equivalent of today’s NAMBLA…However, the nazis were the “bears” of the homo brand…at war with the twinky communists, whose pictures of the pre-war days have them look like effeminate Goths…make no mistake, the pink triangles communist in the german death camps were the kapo guards and they were worse than the Einsatzgruppen Waffen SS…

  • Dr. Urchin

    Thank you, Chris. I really needed that today. It’s been so depressing up until this point.

  • Shonkin

    Any more I seem to be in a tiny minority in this forum, but I’m put off by the way DayByDay has moved into the field of soft porn. I still agree wholeheartedly with Chris’ politics and I have no respect for Google, but I also have only contempt for Hugh Hefner and other pimps. The gratuitous nudity and (like today) exaggerated Brazilianized female genitals just make me less likely to read the strip.
    You don’t have to be crude to get your political point across. Leave that to the leftist fig-pluckers.

    • “…gratuitous nudity…crude…other pimps”

      Hardly. In this context it is an integral part of the storyline, political position and statement as opposed to the homosexual, bisexual, multi-sexual, asexual, amorphous, anti-creationist propagandists that media are infested with.

      Of course those who are less likely to read the strip because of it are welcome to exercise their freedom of choice and have many alternatives.

    • PaulS

      IT’S A CARTOON! Hef was at least tasteful, though actual females are exploited (A bad thing IMO). Larry Flynt went too far for my taste and there are dozens of others that also do; guess what, I don’t by their crap!

      But Chris, please keep up the glorious exhibition of fine fantasy feminine forms forever.

  • formwiz

    I notice an incentive and a reward for reaching the home stretch.

    I also notice Sam looks a little undernourished around the ribcage.

    For Heaven’s sake, if you make it over the top, give that poor woman a slice of Boston cream pie every night for dessert. you can afford it.

    • Chris Muir

      Like in the Captain America movie,’Jesus, somebody get that kid a sandwich!’

      • Pamela

        Yo Zed, Sam needs a fill up…

        • John M

          Naah – she had her arms over her head, that stretches the dermis over the ribcage… Try it. Even of you’re “slightly” corpulent like me, you can see ribs. Chris may have over-drawn it slightly is all!

  • I only have one question; how in Hell does Zed even _THINK_ straight with all the north – south demand on his circulatory system? Sersiosly?

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