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  • Blue Quasar

    Ouch. Only the press has sympathy for the organized press. But we can still have sympathy for individuals.

  • Delilah T

    Dead meat? Oh, that’s just mean!

    • B Woodman

      Well, wouldn’t that be an apt description of the DeM-S-M, with the falling viewership, falling readership, falling ad revenue, falling subscription revenue?

      They’re dead meat walking, the electrical impulse just hasn’t reached their one remaining synapse yet.

  • Kafiroon

    Heh Heh! I had an old hound that was always attracted to dead meat. To eat Or roll in.

  • Pamela

    So maybe Max could help with the mostly dead meat

  • Scavengers are good; corpses pollute the environment.

    Predators are good too, there’s still a lot of dead men walking.

  • epador

    Stay to the high ground this weekend Chris.

    • Chris Muir

      What, I’m in the low ground?

      • billf

        I think epador is referring to the oncoming hurricane Erika. I would have said “batten down the hatches “.

        • Chris Muir

          ah! got it, O Epador! 🙂

  • I thought that fit very well. Well done.

  • KenH

    What, they don’t get directions from the RAT Propaganda Ministry and Herr Doktor Goebbels?

  • Cliff

    Her recent rants comparing Republicans to terrorists suggested a campaign in a terminal stage perhaps giving off morbid odors.

    • B Woodman

      Giving off morbid odors, from which orifice? (choice of three available)

  • Bill G

    Sadly, I’m afraid her campaign is dead meat. Too bad, I’d have loved to have had a re-enactment of the ’02 democrat scramble in New Jersey, when they nominated Robert Toricelli to re-run for the senate and then had to switch him out.
    After a 60 Day cut-off point they got the NJ Supreme Court to ignore.

  • eon

    She operates on the principle that the nomination and the White House are hers because it’s her turn. Which is the behavior you usually expect from the GOPe nominee.

    She also operates on the “remember Vince Foster” principle. Aka “nobody messes with Lady MacBeth”.

    She overlooked the fact that other than the 25-30% of voters who would vote for a dead crab if it had the Magic D next to its name on the ballot, the rest of the electorate is fed up with the “establishment’s” dogmas. Which she represents.

    It’s Codevila’s Country Class vs the Ruling Class. And the Country Class may turn out to be numerically larger than the Ruling Class has always supposed.

    Exactly where Trump fits into it is open for debate. IMHO, he strongly resembles Huey Long, in style if not necessarily in platform.

    Bill Clinton probably deeply resents Trump crabbing what he thought was his act.

    Hillary yearns to do the same, but her Queen of Hearts personality keeps overcoming her ability to dissemble.

    clear ether


  • nonncom

    Saw hillery trying to compare repubs to terrorists… really didn’t work at all…..even the diehards were looking at each other going “whaaaat?”….God please don’t make us have to put up with her shrill, irritating voice for 4-8 years….the suicide rate will skyrocket….

  • She’s busily trying to stifle Biden’s cash, if that works then he’s the dead meat…make that the *other* dead meat.

    And she’ll sluff off the terrorist comparison with a little help from her friends, she’s Hillary! If you’re Curt Schilling otoh, better not say Muzzie and Nazi in the same breath… Amazing what a little spin can do.

    Props to Barracuda though, she might have missed her big shot, but she can still shoot:

    • NotYetInACamp

      Hillary is part of the gang that destroyed much of the Middle East and sent millions of refugees streaming for Europe where they have killed thousands and raped many more tens of thousands. The genocidal associate of genocidal former Nazi employee George Soros both deserve payment here and in the hereafter. Vulture picking her eyes out while still conscious would be a start. It would not begin to pay back for all the death and misery that they have created for others.

      What enrages me is that these genocidal people act and talk as if their actions had nothing to do with what occurs as a consequence of their actions and decisions. The are purist advocates of the CAUSE. And the “Cause” brings death to millions upon tens of millions and more. Democide is the death by government action. She has done much of that. And she calls what she did good. That and she are just evil.

  • bill3542

    you now old slick willie is gonna be disappointed when she doesn’t get the Dem nod… he was looking forward to breaking in all those new interns.

    he’s got 3 full boxes of Cuban cigars to break in.

    • nonncom

      I liked the cartoon showing the clinton’s dog sniffing bill’s crotch….hillery said “let’s name her Monica”…

  • This particular strip is one for the ages, Chris. Clinton’s visitation of the Oval Office will always be that of VISITOR, and not Chief Executive. Thanks goodness.

  • interventor

    The CNN reporter isn’t drawn like dead meat.

  • Tom Richardson

    Billary – Dead Candidate Walking….

  • John M.

    Not sure why vultures would be following Hillary’s campaign OR the MSM… Vtures do have some self-respect!

    • John M


  • NotYetInACamp

    Hillary is taken out of the race. Dead meat,

    Hillary wins. There will be lots of dead meat, and then the revolution. She will cause it as sure as Vince Foster did not die in that car in the park with no blood on the seats.
    Obama has publicly stated that he is good at killing people (sociopath should be the diagnosis.) Hillary cam. She saw. Khadafi died and many more in the aftermath, which is still going on. That adventure and leaving weapons for ISIS has cause the current chapter in the War in Europe – The Invasion by Water. The Muslims have landed many more troops than were ever landed at Normandie. And they continue to kill many people.

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