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  • NotYetInACamp

    I, and America, do not forgive barrack Hussein Obama / barry Sotero for his sins.

    I doubt God will.

    i believe the demon Allah is laughing at deceiving yet another and obama’s followers.

    • Otto Didact

      I challenge and disagree with your assertion that the “god” of Islam is a demon. I believe that the muzzies’ “god” is no less personage that the adversary himself. In the Bible, the adversary is called the “father of lies” and considering that the muzzies’ deity not only allows but, in fact, ENCOURAGES them to lie to non-believers, it is apparent to me that said “deity” MUST be the adversary himself.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Satan is the main demon, so I have heard. Satan is The Great Deceiver, as Allah is also named.

  • Can someone tell that idiot to shut up????? I have books to read.

    • KenH

      Considering that the infantile pustule awarded himself a medal today for his totally awesome service?? That would be a NO

      • He ‘medaled’ himself? Oh. My. Dog.

      • Lucius Severus Pertinax

        The only “metal” he deserves is copper and lead….

      • Bibliophile

        Awarded himself a medal?? Would you link to the article? I have got to read this for myself…

          • GWB

            So he got a PCS/retirement medal? Wow. I wonder if he knows how that… no, never mind, he couldn’t possibly know how it looks to the folks in the field. *smh*

          • eon

            We’re lucky Charles isn’t going to succeed Her Majesty. If he did, The One would go over there and demand a Katie and a Charlie Michael George to go with it. And probably get them, too.

            The thing is, as SigofMugmort just pointed out to me, The One probably thinks that by giving himself the DPSM, he’s “enhanced” the prestige of the award, the same way he thinks his Nobel Prize for “showing up” enhanced that.

            Of course, that rather overlooks the shakeup in the Nobel committee that resulted from him receiving that particular “participation award”.

            clear ether


        • Otto Didact

          Unfortunately, (and it irks the living FUCK out of me to report it) W and Willy Jeff BOTH got the same medal at approx. the same point in time – a couple of weeks before their successor was sworn in. If Obozo awarded HIMself the medal then W and Willy Jeff did the same thing. The fact that a fact is inconvenient does not make it less a fact. I’m kinda curious why the LSM did’t report the story.

          DAMN! But I hate to have to say Snopes got this one right and got it wrong. But we HAVE to tell the truth or we’re no better than the progs.

      • Pamela

        He just had to have a participation award. And his mother wasn’t even a soccer mom. Who does he think he is? Kim what’s his name from North Korea.

        • Grunt GI

          And soon Obozo will be singing “I’m so ronrey” when his fellow democRATS figure out how much he truly destroyed the party.

          Which is something to look forward to. 🙂

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      O’Bozo and John sKerry, two birds of a feather, flocking together. John writes up his own Purple Heart for……a scratch? a splinter?

      • GWB

        For hurt feelings, natch. Over being called names over the anti-Israel crap.

      • Pamela

        I think John’s was for sunburn while swift boating

      • markm

        One of Kerry’s 3 PHs was for a splinter from a grenade that he threw into a Viet Cong supply cache. The criteria for a Purple Heart is rather easy, but it is only supposed to be awarded for wounds from enemy action, and there were no enemy in sight. Another one occurred when Kerry was firing a grenade launcher from the boat at something that only he saw; whether this was another self-inflicted wound and whether there were any enemy is questionable. AFAIK, the third one was from enemy action, but it was still a minor wound. It was legit according to the rules, but real soldiers I know would have been embarrassed to put in for a PH for a wound that did not rate hospitalization, and it’s pretty unusual to meet a 3-time PH awardee who wasn’t maimed or crippled.

        • thundercloud65

          One of my former co-workers was a marine who did two tours of duty in Viet-Nam. Every so often I’d see him pick at different areas on his skin. One day he said to me ” I guess I’ll have to make an appointment with the VA, I can’t get this piece of shrapnel to come out.” For years after Nam he’d pull out tiny pieces on his own as they’d work their way to the surface. The bigger ones he’d have the VA remove.

          He never received a purple heart. If I recall it right I think he told me that picking up an occasional piece of shrapnel in his unit was considered no big deal.

        • eon

          Sig (Army veteran) pointed out just now that generally, 3 PH’s in a WZ equals being sent home, whether disabled or not.

          Not a veteran myself, but I’m wondering if the 3 PH’s were either Lurch’s way of getting sent home, and/or his CO’s way of getting a junior officer he knew to be a total loss with no insurance the hell out of his unit. I can’t imagine having a LtJG like Lurch around was a morale enhancer.

          clear ether


        • Otto Didact

          My son got his first PH at the beginning if Desert Storm when the truck he was driving rolled over an anti-tank mine. It detonated under the left rear dual of his trailer. The blast twisted the tractor and trailer onto its right side. He was not badly injured and the tractor was still drivable – if a tad scratched and dented on the right side. The trailer was twisted totally out of true and was scrapped. They patched my son up and he drove on. Funny thing; somehow his unit goth the idea that my son was KIA. He walked into the Orderly room @ company HQ just in time to stop the “It is with deepest regret” telegram from being sent. Would have just about killed me to get that notice.

      • JTC

        Zero is in a class by himself, but I’d have to think Lurch and McCan’t would be BFF’s (but not blood brothers since neither of them really bled). Never have two such highly self-decorated and self-accolade “heroes” been responsible for so much ditched and wasted hardware. Of course their real damage to the Republic is what they have done and are doing with their “software”.

        • Norm

          While I’m no fan, I believe McCann bled plenty during his stay in the Hanoi Hilton. Let’s not diminish that by comparison to Lurch’s doings.

          • JTC

            True. But if not for his daddy they’d have just croaked him and been done with it as with so many others. If they’d kept him a little longer though maybe they could have “turned” him. Hell, the way he’s been going on lately, maybe they did.

            Sorry, but from what I’ve seen from him these past months he will not get the hero treatment from me. Instead, the both of them should be prosecuted for stolen valor.

          • Unca Walt

            Norm is right.

            To this day, McCain’t cannot lift his arms up. He was tortured while he had two broken arms.

            Kerry, on the other hand… jeez. He had a grain of rice stuck in his ass cheek for one PH. He had a tiny splinter just barely sticking in his skin. Bacitracin and a dot Band-Aid for the SECOND self-inflicted PH.

          • Kafiroon

            I have sympathy for McCain concerning his time in the Hilton.
            I read his service record and have none. He cost us. Since then, he has cost much more.

  • WayneM

    And 0bama looked upon the fawning presstitutes and blessed them with his grin, causing the CNN correspondents to faint into the arms of the MSNBC cadre. From behind the curtain, Soros cackled quietly as he watched the horde of vacant-minded hacks weeping as The 0ne backed away from his teleprompter…

    “Too bad”, Soros muttered… “The Hildabeast was so delightfully venal… the perfect replacement so long as her batteries are fully charged.”

  • Big Jim

    RE: January 16 2016. I THOUGHT I remembered this….;^)

    • Fox2!

      Code reuse is a goal of all good programmers.

    • Chris Muir

      They bought the sink in Grafton,I think. heh

  • Pamela

    Damon ~ you and me are going to have a come to Jesus moment about your blindness. Your WIFE is standing there, fresh from the shower NAKED and you are yammering away about bathhouse toker Barry!

    Dude, get your priorities and a certain body part straight.

    Sheesh. What a woman has to go through to get laid….

    • Fox2!

      Jan is not naked. She has a towel wrapped gracefully around her hair.

      Otherwise, spot on.

      • JIMV

        Can a hot girl ever be naked enough?

    • NotYetInACamp

      Point well made.
      His turn.

    • Some men are just dumb.

    • epilitimus

      I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he just walked into the room and hasn’t yet looked up, hence is unaware Jan is sans clothes. He does wear glasses, which are known to reduce peripheral vision.

      Further I expect about 15 seconds (I originally guessed five but then added wet slippery floors into my analysis,) after the first panel there is considerable giggling and “oh my”s emanating from the region below frame.

      • Pamela

        As long as the “oh my’s” are followed with “don’t stop, please don’t stop,” it will all be good.

        • Grunt GI

          Followed by a mighty yalp of “Yes, Yes,Yes!!”

        • JTC

          Are we sure she just took a “pre” shower and not a “post” shower?

          But even if so, the lascivious ladies around here would be calling for Round Two. 😉

          • Pamela

            Round? More of a marathon

          • JTC

            Easy for you to say…

            If he’s doing it right, a boy needs a breather between.

            Okay, *I* need a breather between. Maybe a nap. And a bite.

            Hey, I am NOT a piece of meat. 🙁

          • Pamela


            I’ve never thought of a man as a piece of meat, momentary dalliance or a wallet. There were a few that made me think of being an occasion of sin followed with the conversation with my Maker along the lines of “I can’t believe you even consider doing, let alone went ahead and did THAT!”

            I wonder how Barrybaby has been able to rationalize away his transgressions against the US, let alone accept the consequences and cost of the devastation he has deliberately caused. Arrogant Sick Bastard.

  • KenH

    GOD forgives, BITCH
    I DON’T

  • AlexJ

    The only time it is a scandal is when you’re not a Liberal. Republican, Conservative, White, any or all three, it’s a Scandal, otherwise not so much.

  • Black JAYsus MY ASS! Мулат Фаггот TRAITOR is more like it!

  • I would say “How is it I can totally believe this?” but, nah, I totally believe it.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    The only reason that this O’Bozo Administration is “scandal free” over the past 8 years, is that the DemSM presstitutes (curse their flabby black hearts – or lack thereof) haven’t done any serious reporting on any of them. They’ve either done a total shutdown and silence, or a cursory once-over-lightly, nothing to see here, move along.
    There has only been one reporter that has come over from the Dark Side, that I respect, and that is Sharyl Attkinsson. And she turned around by picking up the F&F story from Mike Vanderboegh (bless his eternal soul) and David Codrea, two patriotic civilians.

    • eon

      Well, what is a scandal, actually? Generally something nefarious and illegal done undercover. It becomes a “scandal” when it erupts into the public view.

      Everything unethical, and illegal, and outright un-Constitutional The One and his minions have done has been out in the open, in front of God and everybody.

      With them daring anyone to try to stop them or even criticize them , and the MSM greeting every new violation with op-eds swooning over it and announcing a New Age Of Peace And Understanding due to The One’s Totally Awesome Awesomeness.

      So, it wasn’t really “scandalous” because it wasn’t “nefarious”.

      Of course, by that standard, neither was Hitler’s annexation of Austria in 1938.

      clear ether


  • Hey! That’s MY sink in that bathroom! Are they in my house and nobody told me? Dadburnit! I knew I should have gone to the store! Oh, well – wine’s in the pantry, people. Help yourselves.

    • Pamela


      Did you use RainX on the mirrors? It’s going to get really steamy once he readjusts his focal point…

  • thundercloud65

    Meanwhile in the Caliphate of Chicago…

    A mentally ill white guy was kidnapped, drug to a house, mouth duct taped, and beaten all day just because he said he voted for Trump. His assailants live streamed the incident on either facebook or YouTube.

    A black lives matter apologist was on TV just a little while ago and responded to this incident by saying; ” We all must come together and have a conversation here in America!”

    I hope my neighbors did not hear me because I said out loud to the TV; ” Fuck you and your conversation too!”

    • JTC

      And meanwhile elsewhere a school cop taking down a girl on video (with unknown cause) results in extensive teevee coverage on Nightly News last night, culminating in Black Mama screeching into the camera “We got us dis lawya and we gon sue dey ass” as she climbs into her Escalade to take the perfectly (physically) okay little darlin’ home (or to the next interview).

  • Pete231

    What ?! No nip show ? ARRGH !………..

    • WayneM

      I noticed that too and wondered if Chris is, perhaps, testing the lines at FB…?

  • Z-man51

    The only way America will find out about obummer’s multitude of illegal and unconstitutional actions is if the Trump Dept. Of Justice thoroughly investigate hilabeast’s emails and she or Bill decides to turn on her former master. Unfortunately, (or fortunately depending on your point of view) there’s a good chance something fatal might happen to her if it looks like she will turn. Likewise, if true in depth investigations into “Fast and Furious”, the IRS scandal, numerous questionable FBI and DoJ “investigations”, Benghazi and many more, the truth will be too much for any but the most diehard libtard lame stream media hacks to ignore or explain away as a “witch hunt”. Maybe then, most ‘fence-sitters’ will have their eyes opened to the dangers of the libtard demoncraps.

  • The irredeemable clayusmcret

    Chris, today’s script could have stood alone with only the final frame…..although the first frame was top shelf.

    • JIMV

      but a bit restrained, sadly…

  • Bill G

    For those who have never seen an example of Media Bias, this is one. They have long ago earned the nickname of the Democrat Media Complex. Or as Instapundit likes to put it, “Just consider them as democrat operatives with bylines”.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      As Rush Limbaugh calls ’em, “the drive by media”.

  • Paladin

    I need a one place stop that list’s all of Obama’s Administrations indiscretions. Just like the Clinton Administration when some Libtard waxes on about great they are; I ragestroke and can only rattle off the most recent ones. I don’t have time to wade thru the Lamestream Medias accounts since most stories they chose to ignore. Kind of like a pocket Constitution to have with me at all times. Hap me Chris…your our only hope.

  • GWB

    Sure wish Jan were turned just a little more toward the viewer. *sigh*

  • JW

    Just pack your shit ‘n get out.

  • NotYetInACamp

    It is still amazing that this genocidal war criminal and crime against humanity perpetrator has not been jailed and in trial for his part in the billions spent to subvert North Africa and the Middle East, the GS assisted economic hit on Greece, Spain, and Italy, then the masssive “Arab Spring” type uprisings and replacement of many governments with traditional Islamic states across North Africa and the Middle East, the support of the growth of Al Quida and support of the growth od the Islamic state /ISIS / ISIL etc to defeat the Syrian government for Saudi gains, and so many more plus more. The previous was the set up to sending many millions of jihad embracing young Muslim men and Sharia Law embracing Muslims into Europe to extend Islam and conquer Western Civilization. Asymmetric warfare by Obama and others is a crime against humanity.
    That does not even cover the deaths to so many by fast and furious and the deaths of all of the transforming asymmetric army Obama assisted to invade the USA by his illegal open borders activities. Obama has followed the invasion plans of the past Mexican presidents and of the teachings advocated in Mexican schools. Obama has brought incompatible cultures into the USA with the goal of destroying the USA. Transformation is destruction. His scorn and violation of the US Constitution also is legion. There is so much more. His policy has resulted in the deaths of so many and the destruction of so many lives. Obama’s actions have resulted in evil across the nation and across the world.
    Allah, The Great Deceiver, smiles at what Obama has wrought.

    • JTC

      To Paladin upthread, that’s a pretty comprehensive albeit condensed list right there…and the man says “There is so much more”.

      And he’s right…(cue Nicholson), if you can HANDLE the truth!

      Fortunately, thanks and praise to God, his day is almost done. Now to undo the damage.

      • John

        Unfortunately a great deal of the damage will never be undone.

  • JTC

    So which black (or brown) jaysus is he (and his D-sciples) speaking to?

    If it’s the Jesus we know, what he says means nothing and what he has done will be laid at his feet just before his soul (if they can find it) is banished to eternal fire and damnation.

    If it is indeed the brown Mo “jaysus” which he has so faithfully served for lo these many years, he will be rewarded with his virgins (boys of course) and unlimited free golf. And Mo might even relieve him of Moo…that right there would almost be worth the price of admission.

    • Kafiroon

      If that is Jesus; We are in Hell.

  • C. Mage

    As a Christian, I can and will forgive Obama for what he’s done.

    But as an American, I will never FORGET.

    • John

      Just remember that forgiveness is done for the sake of one’s own soul, not the forgiven.

  • JIMV

    The high point of the cartoon, once one notes the high POINTS in the cartoon (or almost in), is the reference to the ‘last interview’, something I cannot wait for.

    • John

      Yes, the first duty of the President is to give a shit!

      • NotYetInACamp

        And flush the shit. That includes all of it in DC and the country.

  • Jess Sain

    When da party figures out what their Messiah has done to dem, dey gone crucify Bajeebus.

  • Steve Piet

    Obama will never forgive the US for its “sins.” He thrives on thinking the worst of the US, it boosts his self-image, supports his condensation of everyone else, and will motivate his post-WH life. He will be the most noisy ex-President in history. The first to live in DC since Woodrow Wilson, who was dying. If we think that Bill Clinton was noisy, Obama will be immeasurably worse.

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