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Why isn't my resume being reviewed? 5 possible reasons

Reason 1: Inaccurate job title

The job title is one of the key elements of a resume, so it is extremely important to be precise and concise about the position you want. The position for which you are applying should be absolutely specific. Excessive creativity and humor are certainly not appropriate here, strive for generic titles: write "public relations manager" rather than "constituency outreach supervisor", "receptionist" rather than "office hospitality fairy".

Reason 2: blank CV fields

It is not clear what the job seeker expects if the field "Achievements" is not filled in and does not describe his main duties. The recruiter will not be at a loss to guess what the candidate has accomplished as an account manager. Chances are, after glancing through the resume help and realizing that a key field isn't filled in, the HR manager simply won't open it and read it in detail.

Reason 3: Negative descriptions of previous experiences

No matter how hard you worked at your previous job, you shouldn't describe your experience with negative connotations.

Reason 4: lack of activity of the applicant

Do not wait for a gift from fate. Your task is to search for appropriate vacancies and respond to them yourself. According to the data, the resumes sent by applicants themselves are viewed by recruiters 1.5 times more often. This is not surprising: by sending a resume to the company, you confirm that you would be interested in working there, and high motivation always attracts employers.

Reason 5: a bad photo

Look at a resume search through the eyes of an employer: try a resume search by typing in your job title. You'll see that resumes with high-quality, business-style photos stand out immediately. Find the right photo in your archive - combined with a clear and concise description of the function, competently designed fields, it will definitely add you the number of views. Photos that make it difficult to see your face, show you in the company of others, or in an overly informal setting reduce the chances of your resume being viewed.