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Metal Gear Solid V - Side-Ops Walkthrough Tips: 149-150

Mission 149 - Search for Runaway Children 05

Note! This mission has been noted as an important side-operation in iDroid. You need to complete this one and four other missions for the surviving children (145-148) because it is necessary to unlock the main mission 41 (Proxy War Without End). You need to complete it because it is necessary to unlock main mission 41 (Proxy War Without End).

Mission objectives: find the escaped child and retrieve him.

Accessibility: Complete main mission 35 (Cursed Legacy) and side mission 146 (Search for Runaway Children 02).

Location: Fort Da Smasey Laman in Afghanistan.

Description: You can approach Da Smasei Laman from either side, because there are no standard opponents. Instead, you will have to deal with the Skull Dolls, that is, opponents that resemble sluggish and fat zombies. It is best to kill zombies with an assault rifle or grenades. The Kid is located on the upper level of the ruins in the northeastern part - this place was shown in the screenshots above. When you get close to the child, stop using explosives and other more aggressive methods of fighting so as not to kill them. Pick up the toddler, take them out of the ruins and take them back to the base (you can do this right now if you have unlocked the Wormhole - Spacetime Tunnel upgrade).

Your destination is a large estate in the north- the eastern part of the Lufwa Valley. The best direction to approach is from the northwest and makes your way to the back door. After entering the mansion, keep sneaking (D-Dog will help you find and destroy enemies). The child you are looking for is contained in the room shown in the screenshots above (second floor). After you secure the area, take out the child and fulton him (you can also fulton inside the building if you already have the Wormhole - Space Time Tunnel upgrade).

Rewards: 140,000 GMP < br />
Side Op 150 - Safe Quiet

Note. This mission is marked as a high priority task in iDroid (important additions). You must complete it to unlock Main Mission 45 (Quiet Exit).

Objectives: Find the quiet one.

Location: Near Outpost 04 in Africa.

Unlocking the Side Op 150 is not an easy task. You have to meet various requirements, most of which are related to Tycho. The first, and most obvious, is to have Quiet as an ally. Just to remind you to recruit Tycho, you must kidnap her at the end of Mission 11 (Cloaked in Silence) and wait until you unlock the op 111 (Visit Quiet) side and visit her on the Mother Base's medical platform. For my friends, looking for the best forex brokers