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Советы по прохождению Mass Effect: Andromeda - Побочные квесты: Задачи на планете Voeld # 13

Task: Forgotten Stars

You will begin the mission in one of the buildings next to the first transmission base. All you need to do is talk to Raashel Vier, which will ask you to restore data from a personal console from her old house. So, we go not far to the north, but before we get to an abandoned house, we eliminate the threat.

There is no accurate labeling on the computer, so you have to carefully watch and correctly use the light beam emitted by a flashlight.
Inside, we immediately look at the right where we see the battered database of the hangar. However, it is useless, and if we want to restore the data from it, we must go to the next place marker on the map. We are heading to the southeast, where on a small hill behind the boulders we see barely visible computer - look at the picture above. After downloading data from the computer, the mission will end.

Task: Missing Sister

You can start a quest from a conversation with a sage amourg, which is on top of Mitrava. You will access this huge building only after completing the quest "Dying Planet", a link to which is shown in the first paragraph of this page. Our task is to find a registry in the former pelava.

Both items can be found in a slightly damaged building.

Therefore, we use the gravity well and go down. In the place shown in the picture above, we find a computer. It turns out, it is useless. Run the scanner and look at your feet. Wires lead to the old generator. We launch it and return to the computer, which was reanimated. With our knowledge, we return to the sage Amourdu. After a short dialogue, the mission will end.

Task: Intercultural Unions

We get this short task after improving the fitness of the planet Jarl to a sufficient level. The easiest way to do this is to fulfill the quest on the side of the dying planet. Then in Tempest you can read a letter about "Havarl: Science Team".

Now you need to go down to the surface of the planet Jarl, where you can use a hollycommunicator in the nearest Angarsk buildings. It will be marked by a mission marker. After his activation, you talk to the director of the Addison and together decide that an attempt to establish a representative office in Gavarle is meaningless. The task will end.

Task: Tourian scrap

The mission will be unlocked after the preservation of the Turians in the place indicated at the beginning of the page. Salvation is the reflection of ROEKAR attacks as part of the task of allies and unions Turian Ark: not yet killed. All you need to do is appear in the specified place, deal with the threat and, finally, talk to the leader of the Turians.

Thus, during the conversation, you will unlock access to the mission of the Turians. Druis, mentioned above the leader of the Turians, will ask you to help find and mark the remnants of Nathan Ark. Nine points are marked on our map. In each of them we use the scanner to mark the remains of the specified ark. Dots can be monitored by wild animals or - less often - Roekaar. With the last part of the Ark, the quest will end. nordic ring