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Slot machines: setting structural parameters

In modern slots there is a whole set of parameters whose values can be adjusted. In particular, this applies to the structural characteristics of slot machines, which include the number of paylines and reels. The number of reels is caused by the basic characteristics, but the lines can be controlled by putting any number you want by clicking Lines.

Playing slot machines for free, adjust the structural characteristics must be the same as in the game for real stakes. The fact that during the free game, you also need to collect winning combinations to receive prizes. And prizes are considered only those sequences that fall on the active lines. Accordingly, it is necessary to make adjustments to the playing strips. You can adjust the structure of slot machines by using specially designed for this key. In particular, to adjust the number of paylines in slot machines commonly used button Lines. Each press of the button enters into the game one or more additional paylines. It should be noted that you can change the setting of this parameter after any stop reels. For example, you can enter a game with one or more additional paylines, or, conversely, to reduce the number of active strips in order to save money.

Slot machines for free

It is important to make an effective setting of the parameters of the gameplay, which would contribute to a good financial performance of the game. In particular, you should activate as many paylines to get the best results in the game. With each additional line increases the chances of winning, because only on such strips can fall prize combinations. The best option, according to experienced players, is the game on all paylines. Perform activation of all playing stripes can be either manually, the traditional way, or automatically - in one click. To do this, use a special button Max Bet. This button is used for quick setup and sets the maximum value of two parameters: the size of the bet and the number of paylines. It should be noted that the game at these settings is both highly profitable and very risky. Risks are realized if for the whole game session does not fall a single prize combination. Then a large sum of money at stake goes to the aud online casino fund.