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Fur coats

The harsh Russian winters make a person think about the upper warm clothes, where the fur coats occupy the first line. Fur was and remains the best solution in the fight against frosts. To date, the Russians are offered a wide range of fur coats from a variety of types of artificial and natural fur. The company "Name" provides an opportunity to choose a fur for a fur coat and make an individual order, or buy finished products from fur at wholesale price. In our fur salon, a system of discounts on products is operating, various price stocks are arranged, and there is an opportunity to purchase fur coats, serfs, etc. on credit. In addition, there is a service for fitting the product according to the figure.


Choosing Winter Clothes, many give preference - a sermon. The serpent is popular because they have a number of explicit advantages over the other top clothing. They are as warm and beautiful, like fur coats, but more comfortable and affordable. From classic fur coats, their length is distinguished, which does not fall below the knee. Handwood enable the owner to lead an active lifestyle, reliably protecting at the same time from cold weather.

Advanced fur coats, serve are called universal top clothing. There will be no problems in choosing a wicker, because quite often he changes his form in favor of fashion.

Sale fur

Fur products will always be relevant and modern in Russia. Only the fashion changes for any kind of fur and cut fur coats. There are expensive and luxury fur, fur coats are luxury objects, and there are products of natural fur, but quite affordable, well-preserving warmth and elegant in appearance. In our fur Salon-atelier you can buy or order products from a wide variety of types of fur: minks, doodles, otters, muton, sheepskin, etc. We guarantee the naturalness of the fur and the quality of sewing.

Sewing coats to order

Our experienced designers and masters perform tailoring of fur coats and any fur products to order, given the wishes of the customer and taking into account the new directions of fur fashion. For an individual order, you can choose the fur, which is purchased by the company "Name" at auctions in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Toronto and Seattle. In our work, modern technologies are widely used and only the best and high-quality fur skins. We carry out tailoring products to order in accordance with the wishes of the customer. Your essay will be on top