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Oxymethalon (anapolon, androlik) is an oral steroid alkylated at the 17th group. Strong anabolic. It is intended for the treatment of dystrophy, increasing vitality and weight of cancer patients, radiation sickness, HIV-infected. In sports, it is used to gain strength and muscle mass, as well as in the treatment of injuries.


Oxymetalone is capable of gaining a lot of weight in the shortest possible time. Up to 15 kilograms per course. However, not all of this will be muscle mass. Anapolone acts on the progesterone and estrogen receptors, OXYMETHOLONE INJECTION and thereby causes a large accumulation of water. And also an increase in the amount of fat in the body. Increases collagen synthesis in joints and ligaments, which, together with water intake, improves the functioning of the entire musculoskeletal system.

It is extremely difficult to keep the result gained on Anapolon. Sometimes a rollback occurs even in the case of a simple transition to lighter pharmaceutical support. Not to mention the complete cancellation of steroid use.