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How to put together a parlay with the highest odds

It is every bettor's dream to regularly, or at least occasionally, accumulate express bets at very high odds by doing Legal betting

What matches should I pick?

It is desirable to take the highest odds possible, so that you can get the maximum odds for the minimum number of events.
For a Parlay only the most reliable events should be chosen, because a single slip will ruin the whole chain of events put together.

What odds should I use?

There is no uniform rule about it, you just need to avoid extremes: too low and too high events. Ideally, if you find a high valuation odds from 3 and above, you can add a couple of twos to it, and that makes the total odds 12.

When to bet?

The price movements of the line odds are individual and depend on many factors, but there are some general trends:

These and other factors have to be taken into account when choosing a betting time.

You should also keep a close eye on the bonus offers at the various BKs. Sometimes they offer different promotions that make it easier for you to win a multi bet. For example, some betting firms will sometimes take bets that you lose to the plus side, or they will help you reach a jackpot if just one event has gone wrong.

Insure a Parlay

You can increase the odds of winning a Parlay by insuring it. If, for example, you place a 5-event Parlay, four of which are successful. It would be a shame if the last match was a failure and broke the stake. So before the last match in the Parlay or during the course of it, a single bet can be made in the opposite direction (e.g., a Parlay with P1, an order with X2).


Don't be afraid of high odds and putting them in a multi. Of course, it is very difficult to guess all the events in one bet with odds of 50 and above, but it happens. It seems more realistic to go through a combo bet with odds of 10-20. All you have to do is find 3-5 suitable events.