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  • Merle

    HMMM, that’s pretty flat, open country, might want more range than a shotgun can provide…….

  • interventor

    Saw a couple of those at Gander Outdoors. If, it weren’t so close in here in the South, I’d buy one.

  • JTC

    Now every time I see one of those little signs…

    Same as those little family stickers with the graduated sizes…Yesterday in the parking lot of my office at the Chamber of Commerce was one of those that said “Our Family” and six AR’s from small to tall…heh. Not surprising really, the Chamber CEO’s parents and husband both own gun shops. 🙂

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Is that the double-tube shotgun? Awesome! But as Merle said, long distances for such a short barrel. Unless Sam’s using slugs…..

    • MasterDiver

      Buck on one side, slugs on the other. take your pick.

      Zar Belk!

    • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of Deplorable!

      Its technically an 18 inch barrel for that model but they do make a 30 inch barreled version that holds 24 rounds in the two tubes total, put yer slugs on the left tube and the buckshot on the right, flip back and forth as needed!

    • interventor

      Use the mini-cartridges and I believe one can load 48 rounds of buckshot.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Love the joke there, Chris. “Baby On Board”
    “Every time I pick it (baby) up, a Liberal cries”
    I need to put one of those stickers on my car.
    I carry everywhere. Every day. It’s not a shotgun, but it’s concealed.

  • WayneM

    I love when Sam snerks…

  • Epador

    At my bedside. Slugs on one side, disks/shot on t’other. Right next to Governor, 40 cal Keltec 1000 and a 45. I like options.

    • Pamela

      VIPERTEK VTS-989

      • Vince

        Oh you like to see the pain up close and personal! Dang redheads!

    • GWB

      Disks? What do they do for you in a defense situation?
      (That’s an honest question, not snark. Why did you choose that?)

      • TomZ

        Three projectiles in one shot.

  • John Griffing (SheepDog)

    Looks like a Kel-Tec KSG. Mine has a Poly-Choke on it to reduce recoil and extend the range, if I need to. A twist of the Poly-Choke and it goes from 10 ft range to 60+ yds. I’ve got the mini shells in it, buckshot, 25 of those. I’ve added some things to mine, made it more effective. As a gunsmith, I do that a lot


  • Pete231

    My Garand lies in its CMP Plano case under the bed. The 1911 .45 in the night stand. And, for close in work, a 24″ bolo blade machete rubbed down with garlic just to be sure…………..

    • Old Codger

      Garlic? Not lard?

  • Mike Mullgan

    …something is about to go wrong here!

  • One of those in this house, it is a fun little devil…

  • Wotan

    Ya need to make up a multicolored window sticker to advertise this panel (it is Pulitzer Prize Winning quality), and we deplorables need to find a way to elevate this viewpoint and high quality of political commentary art form to the level it deserves. No decapitated bloody heads, no talk show hosts on their knees in front of POTUS45, and of course, no NYT cartoonists queerbaiting people whose politics they don’t agree with!

  • Wotan

    My suggestion? A simple “cloud” shaped sticker that has written in it “”

  • Don

    You’re showing your age with that “Mr. Horsepower” sticker on ‘Baby’, Chris. I love it!

    • Browncoat

      When I first saw the sticker, my age betrayed me and my first thought was ‘… vs. Wile E. Coyote’ and not the Plymouth variety. Both seem applicable however…

    • Bob in Houston-Vast Right Wing Basket of Deplorable!

      Thats the Thrush Muffler “Woody”, the Mr. Horsepower “Woody” is a tad different and looking at my Clay Smith cams t-shirt in the closet compared to the Thrush exhaust sticker on my toolbox, the Mr. Performance “woody” is sportin’ a ceegar and his beak is bit more crumpled, I think there was also some sort of Clownifornian surf wear company that tried to use one of the ‘Peckers as a logo in the 90s but got smacked down by lawsuit.

  • Tom Stockton

    I’m glad Sam’s going armed. But I’m a worry-wart; I think she should take at least one of the Dawgs. (My two cents worth…)

  • Grunt GI

    Glad to see Sam is taking along plenty of protection. Amazing to me how 1/2 the country somehow thinks they have the intellectual and moral superiority to label anything the other 1/2 thinks or says as hate speech.

    The alarming and annoying trend toward censorship in this country is so obnoxious.

    Glad DJT and this here cartoon are still happy to speak their minds.

    AND, speaking of that…am I the only one with a wild imagination wondering what “surprise” Sam might be speaking of in that first frame…after all, Sam, with her big guns, going to surprise Zed, who will be all sweaty and manly in the south forty. With the dogs around to maintain some privacy??? The back of a pickup truck could be more fun than the hayloft…as long as there’s a blanket or something…bare metal can be hot on bare flesh.

    • John

      The horrible thing is it’s not even half and half. My wife is a lifelong Democrat from a family of activist Democrats and is totally unaware that the Party was hijacked by the Regressives two generations ago.
      She still sings the praises of Harry Truman! She and her friends don’t realize that the Party dumped the working class in favor of “intersectionality” and that Blacks are leaving the Party because their Black POTUS took them for granted just like the Democrats always have.
      Now days the Left, which has always “earned” its clout by offering something (by taking it from others) for votes has resorted to distorting our very perception of the world through the Social Media they control entirely by machine and a very few programmers.
      And my poor wife is totally clueless.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Perception Management.
        Alinsky’s Rules.
        Her bubble world is still good and beautiful to her. It makes her happy.
        So they rely on her for votes for so long as nobody pops the bubble.

  • Pamela

    Why is Sam taking Woody to a man who already has one….
    Water, or lemonade, something to eat, but a Pecker…

  • NotYetInACamp

    Them dawgs are gathering and looking for a truck ride.

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